Feb 3, 2009

Reality Wrap-Up

Bad Girl's Club - The girls are off to Vegas and ready to party! They go to see the Thunder From Down Under and in addition to getting invited on stage (Ashley and Amber B.) the guys come to hang with them after the show. Ashley instantly starts acting like a groupie (flashback to last week's episode when she was jocking Joey from Real World Hollywood) and is all over one of the dancers. Feeling a bit threatened and the need to prove that Ashley isn't all that, Amber B. steps in and steals the guys attention. Same shit, different day - - they get into a mini argument and keep it moving. (I must say that I loved how Amber B. pointed out to Ashley that the dude really was just a stripper. Since when are people claiming strippers... male strippers at that? Foolishness...) The next night the ladies are invited on stage to open for the bootleg version of the Pussycat Dolls show. For the most part they did a terrible job and to make matters worse Ashley and Sara flashed the audience. I guess since it's Vegas you're allowed to be as slutty as you want to be. Moving on, the Ambers decide to make their friendship official and go thru with a wedding ceremony. They relunctantly drag the other girls to the chapel with them until (surprise, surprise) the minster refuses to wed them! What a waste of time...

After the show went off 3 of the ladies appeared on the Tyra Show (Sara, Amber M., and Tiff). Tyra is gettin gold because she acts like nobody has ever done anything before in life. She had the ladies on the stage asking them a series of questions and was acting all "shock and awe" over everything. Some of the questions:

1. Have you ever bought anything out of a sex store?
2. Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex?
3. Have you had sex with more than X amount of people?
4. Have you ever flashed your boobs?

The Tyra Show is starting to turn into the grandma show. She really should get out and start living life.

Real Housewives of Orange County - Tamra's mom is 4 weeks into her face lift recovery and we get to see the results. She looks amazing! Seriously, they need to hang out face lifts! They do wonders... Vicki went scrub shopping with her daughter Briana (I actually really like her daughter. She is mature and an RN... I love that she has a real career and isn't freeloading like her tool of a brother). Gretchen's fiance, Jeff, is finally home and out of the hospital after 2 months (sadly we all know that he has passed away since the show started airing...). The ladies all head to Vegas for a women's weekend (I'd say girls but these are grown ass women...). It seems like an alright time. I'm not well versed in how the 40+ crowd likes to party, but it looked like they were having fun. Personally, I would've needed more booze, men, parties, and stilettos to enjoy Vegas but that's just me. lol...
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