Feb 1, 2009

Superbowl Wrap-Up

Despite my love of football I didn't have high expectations going into today's game. The Cardinals didn't win but they put up a great fight and proved that they deserved to be there. I almost lost my voice when I thought they were going to win :)

I think that the commericals were boring and could've been way better. I'm inclined to think it's a direct reflection of our suffering economy.

Jennifer Hudson did a great job singing the national anthem. I'm glad to see her getting back out there...kinda wish she would've replaced Aretha Franklin at the Inauguration...

Umm...what else? I guess that's it...Just wanted to do a quick superbowl wrap-up.

Now, back to my regular TV watching duties. Platinum Weddings is on WE tv. This show is amazing!


Jenna Marie Christian said...

i missed the game due to being sucked in by the sunday America's next top model marathons on the WE channel.

However, I did catch a glipse of Jen's performance and thought she was incredible and i didn't expect anything less. She looked nice also.

I too wish she had been at the inauguration:-)

Ms. Citygrl said...

Ok, so I watched the superbowl and I'm not a big follower of the sport in general. However when I saw that the steelers had a black coach, I was all for them. I just believe we need more black coaches and more black owners, so I had to stand behind them. Now that he's the youngest coach to ever win, I'm truly happy for him. As for the Cardinals, I do have my own personal opinion of some them but they did a good job and maybe next time.

Jennifer was Great and yes I totally agree with her replaceing Aretha. I honestly was not impressed with Aretha and especially not that hat she wore.

Last but not least, I use to mainly only watch the superbowl for the commericals and half time show. Sadly to say it was a huge disappointment. The commericals sucked and that's how you know we are in real economic crisis. Lets just hope next year the entertainment will actually be entertaining!!!

South Loop Social Light said...

I can't even remember who performed at the halftime show (probably because I was watching "wipe out" lol...) but yeah, they need to step their entertainment game up.

As for ANTM, I took a look at the girls for next season and they seem like they have a lot of potential. I always get hyped when I see brown faces and the ethnic mix looks really nice. Tyra makes my skin crawl on her TV show but she's a business woman so I can't even hate on her...ANTM took over the world. lol.

ANGELINA said...

jennifer hudson did an amazing job with the national anthem and she looked great. the game was actually good too, but the halftiime show sucked. janet and justin ruined it for all of us lol.

i love platinum weddings too! did you see the episode about the indian wedding with 1000 guests? i can't even think of 1000 people i know, let alone 1000 people i would want at my wedding!

Jenna Marie Christian said...

Yea, I like and i tried my best to support her talk show, but her hosting, interviewing, and topics need some work...lol

Plus, she tries to steal all of these "Oprah-isms" while interviewing...lol

But you are right, my girl is paid..I can't hate on her..lol

South Loop Social Light said...

Yes! The Indian wedding with 1,000 guests was on last night. Their wedding was amazing and the fact that it cost 1 million was astounding! I loved her jewelry and traditional garb. Indian brides usually look beautiful!

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