Jan 29, 2009

Danity Kane...

After a million seasons of Making the Band, 2 cds, and tons of other stuff Danity Kane is officially over... and everyone's favorite bad girl, Aubrey O'Day is bouncing back by appearing in playboy and releasing a solo album. (blank stare) Now, I was an Aubrey fan from the beginning...before the weave, fake lashes and breathy sex kitten voice (remember that episode when they were singing at that club in NY? She really belted out "At Last"). I bought their cd's and was lured into the girl group gimmick by Diddy. I always thought they were talented and even rejoiced when Shannon started getting more singing opportunities! It's kinda sad that their time is over. I'm not sure how entertaining this new season of MTB will be. I can only take so much of watching the guys (can someone please hide Que's curl juice...I hate a curl on a guy...) and I'm pretty sure Donnie is going to get dropped (wait, Diddy never drops anyone from the label...he just never puts out a cd). Dawn and Aundrea will be the only 2 featured this season (premieres Feb. 12) and it seems like Aundrea will barely be on camera. It's crazy how they (Danity Kane) had so many issues... Yes, Aubrey was skanky at times. Yes, D.Woods always insisted on wearing hideous gymshoes with everything. Yes, Dawn wanted to stay boo'd up 24/7 with Que... I get it .... but I'm gonna miss my little muffs... especially the choreography with Laurie Ann! (Can I get a boom cat?) After years of being force fed Danity Kane, coming to love them, and having them ripped away from me I'm starting to go through the withdrawal process. I may even be shedding virtual tears for them. Shannon is back to living the married life. D. Woods is apparently working on a solo album and can be seen party hopping on YBF from time to time. Dawn is hanging around waiting for Diddy to tell her what her next move should be... and Aundrea, well, who knows what shes doing. Aubrey is on a mission to get back some of her "shine" that she feels was lost while working with Diddy and Danity Kane. I wanna hate her, kinda love her, but will be waiting to see how these 5 chicks rise from the ashes of Danity Kane.

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