Jan 19, 2009

Reality Wrap-Up

I must say that the most exciting thing on TV tonight was the preview for the next season of Making The Band which will begin airing again on Feb. 12th. I love how Diddy yelled into the camera that he wasn't letting anyone out of their contract. Priceless. This new season should be extremely entertaining and I'm anxious to see what happens with Danity Kane, Day26, and Donnie (I wonder if he'll get dropped from the label...did anyone buy his album?)

The City - Tonight's episode was extremely disappointing for me. It started out with Olivia and her Nevan talking about how he needs to get a "real 9 to 5" and a place to stay - as he has been crashing on couches. Ever the great cousin, she tells him that he can stay as long as he NEVER has girls over unless she approves ... and the most important - no girls wearing her clothes.

Whitney is still rocking that braid/twist thing - ugh.

Adam/Allie are introduced to us and I must say that their romance/storyline is really not that interesting to me. They're like this bland, model couple...very boring.

What else happened this episode ... Allie went out of town for a Diesel photo shoot and while the cat's away the mice will play. In this case, Adam, being the typical guy, goes out with the boys for a guy's night out which turns into an 7am party back at his place with some chicks they met at the club. Of course he supposedly makes out with 1 of the girls and this info conveniently gets back to Whitney which goes to Jay and from Jay to Adam. When he picks up Allie from the airport he tells her. (Gosh, even recounting what happened this episode is making me yawn).

I wish this episode would have focused more on Whitney or Olivia. I'm actually starting to like Olivia and her cousin Nevan. They're fun to watch and whether she seems suspect or not, at least she's not like watching paint dry.

Daddy's Girls - This show really isn't about anything. I swear I'm only watching at this point to see what kind of weaves they're rocking. In the beginning of the episode the girls are paid a visit by their uncle, Russel Simmons. I love that he visited the girls to remind them not to mess up the company or their money - not to mention letting Vanessa know that she was on "some real Jessica Simpson shit" by saying the cellulose in maple syrup was what caused cellulite. This entire episode was about their cousin Jessica's need for a car, particularly a company car, and the girls being faced with the decision to host parties at a club or stick with the relationship they've established with the Girl Scouts of America. They were offered "good money" to host parties at this LA club, Vice. Now, I can't speak for everyone but would you really be in a mad dash to the club just because they were hosting a party? Didn't think so... The girls decided to pass on the club money and invest in their growing relationship with the Girl Scouts. They also were able to get Jessica the company car that she wanted. They wrapped a Mercedes with "pastry" stuff and that way it can be a "company car" (and a tax write-off).

Tool Academy (Monday nights on VH1) - Knocking Bromance out of the running for my new guilty pleasure reality tv show is VH1's Tool Academy. Under the guise of competing in the "Mr. Awesome" competition (yes, people will audition for ANY type of show to be on TV) a group of guys are brought to a mansion and think they're in a regular tv competition...that is until they're all faced with their girlfriends! It turns out that it's the "tool academy" and the goal is to rehab these toolish boyfriends into gentlemen. Maybe I like the show because it deals with the many complexities of everyday relationships... or possibly because I love using the word "tool" and am glad to see that VH1 has caught on. The guys use their real names but are also given names like "Tiny Tool", "Naked Tool", "Party Tool" and "Slacker Tool". So far the show has been entertaining and I think would be perfect for young couples to watch together (20-somethings). Each episode the couples deal with topics like fidelity, communication, and humility... and each week a "tool" is voted off. Upon leaving the house the girlfriends are waiting at the limo and must decide if they're going to continue dating their tool. If you have some time on a Monday night turn to VH1 and check it out.
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