Jan 12, 2009

Loves It

I'm watching the Tyra Show right now (I know, I know...I've sworn off watching this show a thousand times...) and Tyra was absolutely hilarious! She's talking about her new show coming out with Ashton Kutcher called "True Beauty" and she had the judges, Vanessa Manilo and Nole Marin, on. Well, they were talking about their personal beauty tips. Vanessa said lots of water and sleep. Nole said tons of cream. Tyra chimed in with "sunscreen" and then let loose following that up with "concealer, a great foundation, lashes, a wig or some weave, lip gloss, lip liner..." It was priceless. Though it was only a small, humorous moment it really made me let out a belly laugh and kinda like Tyra again. She gets to be a bit much at times...kind of like a friend that you need to take in with small dosages...but I think I like her again. *sigh*
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