Jan 2, 2009

Countdown to the Crown

After returning home from an amazing workout (compliments of the step sculpt class @ LA Fitness) I plopped down on the couch to check out "Countdown to the Crown: Miss America". This TLC show focuses on the 52 Miss America contestants during the weeks leading up to the pageant which will be aired January 24th . Hosted by some random guy, "Countdown to the Crown" shows the women as they live on the Queen Mary ocean liner in Long Beach, CA and serves as a way to revamp and breathe life into what had become a typical, stuffy, borderline boring beauty pageant. Wait, I guess it's called a "scholarship competition" but let's keep it real - - if you're not cute, you're not gonna win.

*Funny thing about the ship they're calling home, I remember seeing it featured on one of those "most haunted" shows...

First impressions are extremely important and I can't say that I was impressed by any of the women...but a few did stand out for other reasons. Miss Georgia stood out on day 1 because of how shiny and bouncy her weave was...but that could only be on my radar because of my own desire to get my weave put it (Vegas in 2 weeks!!!!) Miss Missouri captivated me due to her awkward face. She's not ugly, not at all...but her face is, well - different. Miss Minnesota was black and that jumped out to me as she was representing Minnesota. Way to go...because when I think of Minnesota I think of snow bunnies. Miss Iowa was the most cookie cutter type to me. It's like you've seen her type recycled over and over again. I was definitely disappointed to see the lack of diversity represented for the various states. Since when does "blonde" and "brunette" count as real diversity?

If you ask me, the Miss USA competition is WAY more fun. They have their girls featured on a reality show airing on MTV (not TLC) and their girls are slightly more slutty, typically involved in some scandal and such a joy to watch! Who can forget the underage drinking / cocaine scandal with former 2006 Miss USA Tara Conner?Or the baffling answer of Miss Teen South Carolina Lauren Upton?

If you find yourself in on a Friday night over the next 2 weeks turn to TLC and catch the show. You can also go online and vote for your favorite contestant to have a spot in the top 15.
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