Jan 27, 2009

Reality Wrap-Up

The City - The episode opens with one half of the boring, bland model couple (Allie) talking to Whitney about how her boyfriend Adam (2nd half of the boring model couple) is denying he ever kissed the random girl he took home from the club. I almost gouged my eyes out at the prospect of having to watch another episode center around Allie/Jay. They do nothing for me. Their storyline is played out. Model boyfriend cheats. Big deal. At work Whitney must've tripped and hit her head, briefly thinking she was back at Teen Vogue or People's Revolution with LC because she tried venting to Olivia. I was relieved to hear Olivia shut the gossip/rumor mill down by calling it "high school drama" and saying she didn't want to be involved in it or even hear it. Whitney just sat there looking stunned. How dare Olivia not want to hear the ins and outs of some boring couples ridiculous drama! Whitney tried explaining to her that she just "needed someone to talk to" and again Olivia shut that shit down. Olivia and her cousin Nevan are my favorite people on the show now. I love them. I'd almost prefer to watch a tv show about their lives. Did anyone else notice how scruffy Nevan is starting to look? I love that he has no job, bums around at his cousin's house all day and still manages to be a "social" in New York. Must be nice.

Daddy's Girls - This show has officially lost me. I had it on but I barely watched. From the bits and pieces I saw, I was able to conclude that as part of her research for an upcoming movie role Vanessa went speed dating. It seemed like she was extremely turned off by all of the guys that she met. Angela was on a different mission trying to be a biker chick. As a result of buying a pair of black biker boots, she decided to shop around for a bike with her cousin Jessica. Vanessa leaked this information back to their parents and Rev Run hopped on a plane and came to Cali. Long story short, Angela doesn't get a bike. (did anyone actually believe she'd be on one?) This was yet another waste of an episode. I feel like outside of weaves, nail polish and clothes... I have no reason to watch.
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