Jan 6, 2009

Plastic Surgery

The only person I knew to get a boob job (enhancement) was a former co-worker. She was a petite, bubbly blonde - single mother - determined to get her sexy back and no longer be compared to a boy. I always thought she was ridiculous wanting to get her breasts done...especially wanting to finance it. I wondered if she defaulted on a payment what would happen. Unlike a car, you can't really get your breasts repo'd. After a company outing to the lake and seeing her in a bikini top I soon realized what had been bugging her out for all these years...her chest was BEYOND flat... borderline non-existent! From that moment on I was one of her cheerleaders for her boob job! Nobody should have to look like that. She was out of work for a week and after she returned she was a new woman! Her boobs looked great and besides having to wear a sport's bra for a while, she recovered pretty quickly.

Today I was talking with a girlfriend about another friend going under the knife to help out where God had slacked off...however, this friend is black. Now, after living in Scottsdale, AZ for a few years I became numb to plastic surgery. It's standard to have your breasts done...no biggie. Hell, chicks even go as far as to get a Brazilian butt lift, multiple nose jobs, chin implants, cheek implants - - I even had a friend get her ears moved closer to her head. Plastic surgery is no big deal - - for white girls. Black culture tends to look down on plastic surgery. If you're getting gastric bypass to save your life or a breast reduction (as my mom and a cousin of mine got) that seems to be allowable...but getting boobs just because? A nose job? Many probably have thoughts race to someone like Michael Jackson that is unrecognizable...or like Vivica Foxx or Lil Kim. Those are the extreme cases of plastic surgery gone wrong. Their faces are over worked and a mess to me...though Vivica is the least extreme of the 3.

Anyways, it made me think about why our culture is so opposed to plastic surgery. I grew up with a very open, liberal mother. She told me that if I didn't like something it was no big deal to fix it...though she always told me I was "beautiful just the way I was" (like a good mother. lol.) I think that boobs are something that you either have or you don't. A nose is also one of those things that is either working for you or not...but women that get lipo when all they really need is a month in the gym...or a butt lift when squats, lunges and weight lifting will do the trick - - I think it's unnecessary. We are definitely a world of instant gratification and plastic surgery is yet another example of it.

Any thoughts?
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