Jan 19, 2009

Vacation update

My vacation is almost over but I'm still enjoying the 70 degree weather, sunshine, and palm trees of Arizona. I almost forgot what it was like to have to drive yourself EVERYWHERE. I mean, if you don't have a car going down the street 4 blocks will be a huge task and you can easily feel stranded. Since I've been enjoying my time with my family, friends, and dog I haven't been on a regular posting schedule.. but hope to get back to my usual postings by next week.

In addition to relaxing I've been back and forth at the dentist's office. 1 root canal, 1 crown, and 3 fillings later and I'm best friends with vicodin and soft food. Man, I didn't think fillings could be so unpleasant. Everyone, please visit your dentist regularly! I think that dental visits are all about preventative care. I feel lucky to have found 2 wonderful dentists in Arizona. If you're looking for a great general dentist:

Dr. Robert Clark
Four Peak Family Dentistry
3666 N. Miller Rd., Suite 109
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

and if you're in need of a root canal, I have a wonderful endodontist referral for you:

Dr. I. Robert Matloff
Associated Endodontists
1747 E. Morton Avenue, Suite 201
Phoenix, AZ 85020

And I must thank my friends that have been making this vacation tons of fun....

(L-R) Me, Sami Jo, LaRicia, Kristin, Jessica, Kym and Reva

And of course my BFFs Jessica (above) and LaRicia (below)


Brothers Blog said...

Glad you're enjoying your vaca. Cold Chicago temps are awaiting you at home. LoL.

And don't you miss the good old CTA? lol

Nice Pics. You ladies look great.

moses said...

Awesome look.......

South Loop Social Light said...

Of course I missed the CTA. lol....

Kirby said...

Damn; maybe you and your friends can get with me and my friends and we can be friends. you girls look great; this is why I laugh at all my boys from college who date and wife up skanky white chicks. God Bless Beautiful Black Women!

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