Jan 27, 2009

Adventures on the CTA: Road Rage Edition

I knew it wouldn't be long until the good ol' CTA provided me with more blog-worthy material. Today as I headed to work I was taken aback by the overly aggressiveness of my bus driver. Can anyone say road rage? He was slamming on the gas, slamming on the brakes, screaming at other cars, and even held down his horn for a solid 30 seconds as the taxi in front of him pulled over to pickup a fare. Now, I'm not sure what he has going on in his life to cause his anxiety/stress, and I really DO appreciate a driver not having molasses in their (you know what) so I can get to work quickly... but when you're driving up to 30+ people in a vehicle that doesn't come equipped with seat belts, you need to exercise some self control. Sometimes it can be funny to have a psycho driver and provide you with a few laughs, but today it made me feel uncomfortable and like "let me get the hell off this bus as soon as I can". The bus screeched to a stop at my job and I hopped off with a quickness. I turned around to see the bus hauling ass out of there only to screech to another quick stop a few feet away - - someone hadn't got off the bus quick enough. I shook my head as the driver began to pull away and steam roll down Michigan Ave.

I read an article in the Chicago Tribune yesterday that said the CTA puts a lot of pressure on their drivers to stay on schedule, etc... but they need to make sure that they're setting realistic goals because people's lives are valuable and drivers need to be safe.

I'm still undecided as to whether or not I'll formally make a complaint against the driver but for the time being here's a badge number: CTA #36340. If you come across this driver keep your eyes peeled on the road and stay alert. He may have just been having an off day (as we're all humans and entitled to that) but I want to give everyone a heads up!
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