Jan 28, 2009

Reality Wrap-Up

Bad Girls Club - There's a new roommate! Ashley (21, Seattle) is the newest addition to the Bad Girls house and the ladies don't plan on giving her a warm welcome. Living up to their petty nature, they lock all the doors in the house and make Ashley wait outside. She finally figures out that she can walk around the back and gets in thru the patio. There is an awkward reception by the girls but Amber M. takes it upon herself to show Ashley around the house. Immediately, Ashely takes a liking to the Ambers and the division in the house continues to grow. Tiff, Ailea, Boston and Sarah start referring to themselves as the "fab 4" (not so sure what's fab about the 4 of them together) and seem kinda lame as they keep to themselves in the club, at restaurants, and around the house.

**sidenote: does anyone else think that the relationship between Ailea and her 50-something boyfriend is a strange mixture of creepy/cute?? He insists on them having an emotional connection and they have not been physical with one another yet. It's funny to watch him be kinda old. He comes over and just wants to lay around and talk! lol...**

While out eating, Joey (Real World Hollywood) walks by and Ashley flips into groupie mode (Real World castmates get groupies??? I'm puzzled by this...) She gives him her number and they end up hooking up later at the club and then the house. She insists that they didn't have sex because she "thinks he has a girlfriend" but that they did "pretty much everything else"... she then turns to the camera and says "Hi Joey's Girlfriend" and waves. Wow. The girls host a casino night at their house which threw me for a loop since the only people that seemed to come were Kevin (the 50-something guy Ailea met online and has been dating) and Greg (the miniature, muscle head that Amber M. has been hanging with). This was one of the most boring casino nights I've ever seen. Halfway thru the casino night diasaster, Ashley makes an announcement that they're going to Vegas the next morning. Everyone is really excited and for good reason... they get a chance to drink and party in Vegas and get out of their house!!!

Real Housewives of OC - It must be said that Jeana has the rudest sons ever. Those kids need to not just be slapped across the face (as Vicki suggested) but like, completely knocked out!!! While in Chicago, Vicki and Jeana went to her oldest son Shane's minor league baseball game (Kane County Cougars). Shane was a total prick to his mother and Vicki and with a few colorful words let them know that he didn't want them there. I just want to say that it's a sad thing to watch someone be mistreated by their kids. I think that Jeana created little monsters by allowing her estranged husband to treat her so poorly for so many years. These children grew up in that dysfunction and are repeating what they saw. Back in Orange County, the women are doing the typical things OC housewives do - play tennis, host cocktail parties, take your parents to get a face lift.. the usual. I am starting to like Lynne more and more. Her and Gretchen really balance out the other housewives and are a great addition to the show. The rest of the show was kind of a blur of pointless, random things... but like always, you can read more in their blogs
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