Jan 29, 2009

Belly Laughs

Office Space is on repeat on HBO (is this what I'm paying $25 extra bucks a month for? To watch movies from 10 years ago?) Regardless, I love this movie and this is one of my favorite scenes!! Please fast forward to 5:00 mins and check out the dance moves of Peter, Michael, and Samir! Samir did a freaking back flip / b boy type of thing and it's hilarious! I kept replaying it and letting out belly laughs!

On another note, a co-worker of mine has been questioning people about her stapler! I try to not write about work related stuff but this really blew me. We are grown ass people. Who steals staplers? Talk about having a movie hit home... I was sitting at my desk laughing. She went on about this for 2 days and ended up taking someone else's stapler, writing her name on it, and daring anyone to question her. To make matters worse she's in her 30s. *sigh* People really should find some damn business!


Jenna Marie Christian said...

a stapler???...lol

you know waht people trip like that sometimes at my office...lol

Over Grown a** women/men and will snap over something like a calculator or scissors..lol

Shame on it all..lol

South Loop Social Light said...

Tell me about it...and it's not even like they paid for anything out of their pocket! It all belongs to the company.

ANGELINA said...

LMAO! One of my coworkers is claiming that a custodian is stealing her white out (because nobody else goes into her office). Aren't we adults?

jenna marie christian said...

and don't you mess around and print something personal...you swear they had to purchase the paper personally...lol

Jenna Marie Christian said...


lol...White out????

South Loop Social Light said...

White Out??? That's way too extreme for me. Isn't mostly everything done via PC nowadays? Who's still using white out. Just press the "backspace" key. lol.

Mista Jaycee said...

I didn't fully appreciate this scene until Stewie and Brian from Family Guy spoofed it breaking Peters Surfin Bird Record. Hilarious!
Stop by my blog. Just reading CJervis and Blog walked over here.

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