Jan 9, 2009

Adventures on the CTA: Foolywang Edition

Where do I begin....

I've come to terms that the CTA provides countless moments of entertainment and I've learned to make the most out of my daily rides by taking in the sights and sounds of my fellow passengers...they never disappoint.

Today as we approached Michigan/Balbo, I looked out the window and noticed a guy standing at the bus stop...rolling a cigarette. Really? What year is it? People still roll cigarettes...at the bus stop? On a cold winter day during a snow storm? I was beyond baffled. Not to mention this guy had to be in his mid/late 60s and was still stuck in some 70s time warp.

With the cold temps I've tried my best to ignore the flashy furs that men throw on. After my bus ride to work this morning I must draw the line. I walked onto the bus and observed a guy - he stood out for all the wrong reasons. First, I noticed his eyes...he was rocking green contacts. (insert my eye roll here...dark skinned guys and colored contacts is wrong). He was rocking a brown "fur" (it was fake) and his nails...well, he had a full acrylic set with an American manicure. I tried to stop myself from laughing - - it was extremely hard. I wish the nightmare stopped there...but get this, he was also rocking a COCKTAIL ring on his left hand ring finger. I understand metro sexual. I like metro sexual...but this was something completely different. I don't know what it's called but it must be stopped.

Men - keep wearing your furs, rock your colored contacts (though I may throw up in my mouth) but please leave the acrylic nails and cocktails rings to the ladies. There's no need to play dress up...at 10am...on the CTA. Obviously you're on your way somewhere but it's not a good look.

**sidenote: Maybe he worked at the Forever21 on Michigan/Grand. All the guys that work there are, ummm fierce? lol...**
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