Jan 8, 2009

Me No Likey

I'm adamant that wealthy celebrities have no excuse to look a mess - especially when their image is their business. Beyonce stepped out to the "Notorious" movie premiere last night in this get up. I'm disappointed in her. She looked a mess to me. I don't like the sloppy look of the dress, the shawl is...well, is it part of the dress or separate? Her hair didn't seem to be done...and if that's a lace front, umm...I just know. Beyonce usually kills the fashion game on the red carpet so I'm not used to seeing her look so thrown together. What do you think?

Beyonce at the premiere last night

Typical "Red Carpet" Beyonce


Ms. Citygrl said...

I would agree it just looks like she threw on something and she didn't really want to go. But at least it's not the same fitted dress because that is getting old as well.

The hair well it is what it is, but you how it goes when you get boo'd up you just get comfortable. To me that is what it looks like.

Jenna Marie Christian said...

She does usually handle red carpet situations a whole lot better. I think that design came from "miss tina's" line...lol

and the hair does seem kinda tossed around..lol

Oh, Bee!!!

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