Jan 5, 2009

Guilty Pleausure TV

Bromance (Monday nights on MTV) - I had completely written off this show as more MTV foolery but after watching the first few episodes of Bromance I actually like it. It's an entertaining show that focuses on Brody Jenner's search for a "bro", the male version of a BFF. In tonight's episode I was shocked as I watched 4 of the castmates be brought to tears as they competed to win over Brody. Men don't usually cry...on tv...men that are under 25 really don't cry on tv. In addition to winning the grand prize of a friendship with Brody, the winner will also get to call a wonderful penthouse suite on the top of some bldg home. I'm sure there's a long string attached to this...not to mention the fact that these average 20-something guys could never afford this place. Who knows...maybe they'll be put on salary to be his friend! Oh yeah, I was wondering how this show won me over...the gay guy contestant! After the first day, or I guess halfway thru the first day...wait, maybe the 2nd...lol...he ended up eliminating himself because he said it "wasn't what he thought it'd be" and even went on to say that he "thought it'd be like 'The Hills'" Hilarious! I'm sure he just wanted to chill with LC and Lo. He was priceless...and his quote: Behind every hot girl is her gay best friend!

Moving on with more guilty pleasure tv shows...

Rock of Love: Tour Bus (VH1...not sure what night) - I'm actually watching this show as I type this. I stumbled upon it... not much else to choose from at midnight. It was a toss up between WE's "Rich Bride, Poor Bride" or History Channel's "Seven Signs of the Apocalypse". This isn't a show that I'd waste tivo space on, rush home to watch or even bother to figure out what day comes on...but if you're fumbling thru channels and find it take a look. Again, Brett Michaels is on a search for his number one groupie jump off. It's an entertaining show, kinda like watching the sloppy drunk chick at the club except you get to do it from the comfort of your own home. Already the chicks are binge drinking, making out, throwing up and even fighting! Gotta love VH1 and their great programming!

I'm starting to realize that my last few posts have all been about either movies or tv shows...nice to see reality tv sucking me back in. Oh yeah, "Daddy's Girls" premiered tonight! Ummm...I'll watch this show not because it's a "good" show but because I was a fan of "Run's House" and am already a part of their following. (not to mention they strategically placed it to air right after 'The City'). Vanessa and Angela are in LA and basically calling the hand-me-down apart of LC and friends home. They didn't do much this episode besides move-in, welcome their cousin to LA, eat out for dinner, exercise, eat out for breakfast...Typical LA stuff. Angela talked about being dumped by her ex-boyfriend (some guy named TK) and debating whether to throw a ring he gave her off the mountain or pawn it (happy to say she decided to keep and get the cash!). Wanting to see her step out of her comfort zone and MO of dating cute losers, she got set up on a blind date by her friend Alycia - - the guy seemed nice but take a look at the picture to the left. If you opened the door and that was staring back you, well, what would you say? She was a good sport and they went dancing. Did anyone else think her outfit was wack? It's like she was channeling 80s Madonna. Since when do you ever need to wear a huge pink bow, black leather jacket and string of pearls anywhere? It was kinda cute to watch her dad call them every 10 secs. I'm sure it's hard letting go. I'll continue to watch this show. Hell, it's right after "The City" so I'll get sucked in within the first few minutes before I have a chance to change the channel.

Speaking of "The City" did anyone catch tonight's episode? How in the hell was Whitney able to afford that apartment? Well, obviously she has her cash from all "The Hills" episodes, but damn! To be 23, living in New York, and lamping up in a bomb apartment! Must be nice. Her furniture was also really cute too. It inspires me to head to IKEA (though I lust over everything in Z Gallerie) and let loose! Also intriguing me were some of the fashions worn by the cast on the official shoot. These shoes were screaming my name (namely the pink ones). I'm glad to see the photographer shared my sentiments and captured a pic of them! Also, I fell in love with this dress worn by Erin. Where can I get that?
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