Jan 12, 2009

Reality Wrap-Up

The City - Whitney was busy working at Diane Von Furstenburg while Oliva, her co-worker, seemed to be extremely out of place. I'm convinced that she only got this "job" because of MTV but could she at least pretend to be qualified ... and considering yourself a "social" does not count. Erin sent her boyfriend back to Toronto and made sure to stress that she enjoyed having things be long distance and thought him moving to New York only for their relationship would put a lot of pressure on them. After hearing about Whitney's lunch date with some random guy in the DVF accounting department , Jay stepped up on the plate and asked Whitney to be his girlfriend. The highlight of the episode for me was watching Whitney put her clothes into the closet. She has a cute style...though I really want to snatch that braid/twist thing she constantly does out of her head!

Please note the hideous braid/twist thing that drives me insane!!!

Daddy's Girls - I'm still holding onto the hope that this show is going to magically get really good. This episode wasn't really about anything. Yes, Vanessa and Angela were slightly overbearing and foreceful with their attempt to make their cousin over, but her storming out of the salon was over the top. If Angela and Vanessa wanted to pay for my weave and clothes for a makeover I'd be all smiles! Alycia was going back and forth with some guy they kept referring to as "skinny jeans" and feeling as though she broke "the code" (going back to a loser guy after you've drained your friends talking about how wack he is) Angela went to a spy store to get gadgets and gizmos to spy on her. It was a really immature thing to me and a waste of money. My friends go back and forth with guys all the time but best believe I'm not going to a spy shop to drop cash on BS gadgets. What else - - Jessica was all "Team Alycia" and sent Angela and Vaness on a send off mission to Catalina as a form of "payback". Ummm...yeah, this was another pointless part of the show. Things are starting to look grim but I really want this show to improve. I'm a fan of the sisters (or maybe slightly envious of the lifestyle they lead...or their ability to change up their weaves at the drop of a dime...lol)... nevertheless, I'm hoping next week's episode doesn't disappoint.

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