Jan 7, 2009

Random Ramblings

I just realized that I have a new favorite picture. This is a picture of me and 2 of my bffs at my birthday/going away party this past summer. I had a wonderful night. (I'm on the right)

I can't watch tv without seeing the preview for The Unborn. I'm all about scary movies but this movie seems ridiculous. On top of that, where do they find these creepy ass kids to play in these movies? Really...the kid in the preview is slightly warped and theatrical make-up aside, he does look scary..ghastly, if you will.

I know that it's the start of the new year and everyone is all charged about sticking to their resolutions...but damn! The gym is SO crowded now. I mean, people are out of control at the gym. I've been going a lot lately and these classes have been kicking my ass. I hit a dead end working out on my own. A person can only handle so much of the treadmill and weight lifting. Attending various classes has really rejuvenated my exercise regime. Also, I've been eating healthy...or as I like to say, smarter, lately. I'm starting to realize that I hate chicken. I'm bored with salmon and other fish as well. I really have been OD'ing on salads, some soups...doing my best to avoid steak, pork chops, etc like the plague. It'd be nice to have a personal chef.

Just as I was getting back to enjoying driving my car around the city the snow has hit once again. Now, my car is parked on the side of the road, covered in snow (along with a ton of other cars). I really need to invest in a garage spot.

I love HGTV. I think my mother's obession with all things real estate, home improvement and interior desing rubbed off on me. I could literally sit at home and watch HGTV all day long.

I was anti watching the new season of The Real World but while laying on the couch it happened to be on. I watched. lol...I'm not a fan...yet, but it's not that bad. Of course they have the token black girl. She was pretty lowkey this first episode. I'm not sure what her deal is yet. They have a post-op trangendered person...a soldier who was in Iraq, a Mormom, a gay guy who works at Sea World, some white chick that wants to pursue being a hip hop dancer, the token black chick, a gym hoe (personal trainer)and the edgy white girl with the bob and tats. I will commend MTV for at least putting together a more intellectual stimulating cast - in the sense that there is no "dumb blonde". This may be a show to check out and since it's on MTV you know they'll have about a million reruns.

I've done my good deed for the month. Our neighbor left their car lights on and I did the nice thing and told them! There's nothing worse than getting into your car in the dead of winter and having your battery be drained.
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