Jan 12, 2011

The Game Ain't the Same....

The season premiere of The Game came and went last night, and I was left feeling like the magic may be officially gone. It was almost like going on a date with an ex, hoping that there would be a spark again... but slowly remembering why you parted ways in the first place. I'm a fan of the show but the writing and acting was giving me flashbacks to the turn (for the worse) the show took at the end of their 3rd season.

I feel like the show was putting out... hard! Like a desperate chick trying to show you all her tricks so you'd hang on for another episode. The fans are the ones that brought this show back so of course the viewership would be there to support things... the writers/cast should have focused on creating the magic we once loved so much. The comedy with slight dramatic flair. This show is now an over the top mixture of drama, comedy (barely) and soap opera!! And for the love of God, who was in charge of casting? Erica Gluck was the original Brittany Pitts (Brit Brat) and only 10yo in real life when the show was canceled. How she was replaced by Katlynn Smith... someone that looks like she should be in college is beyond me! How did they age that child that much? 2 years pass and she looks like she's ready to go clubbing.

Oh, and Terrence J??? Really? I wasn't buying ANYTHING that his character was selling. Meagan Good was, well... she seems to stick to the same type of roles. I could do without her. Malik is going through some type of crisis and I don't like the interaction between him and TT now. I used to like their playfulness... but now Malik is acting like an ass and TT is kinda being weird - - like the weird, quiet kid that just wigs out one day... and his curly haired "girlfriend" getting it in with Malik? Didn't buy that either. Melanie is still being herself. I wish Janay would go away... I was really hoping that baby wasn't his lol. Kelly's personality is all kinds of wrong this season. I don't like her at all and I wish I did. She's super bitter and has nothing redeeming about her. Jason Pitts is still himself and I like that... Derwin hasn't changed much either. I feel like I'm rambling

Did anyone else feel any kind of way about this show?

*I did give "Let's Stay Together" a try and actually liked it better than "The Game" premiere. Can't say I'm a fan of either right now, but let's see how things shape up. I can't believe my TV was on BET for almost an hour!!! I had to hurry up and turn to Tosh.O and cleanse myself.

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