Jan 12, 2011

Life Lessons from Sex and the City 4:4

"Stop trying to make it something else and appreciate it for what it is...." - Ray (Jazz Guy)

When Carrie dates ADD Jazz Guy Ray, she finds herself struggling with the fact that he may just be good sex, not relationship material. In the world of dating everyone isn't marriage material, but isn't it possible to enjoy Mr. Right Now while you're on the hunt for Mr. Right?

This is something I feel men do much better than women... dating someone they like that works for where they are in their life at the time. Women tend to want everyone to be marriage material, but it's possible to miss out on some of life's amazing moments when you cut out a potentially fun, intriguing, good person just because "I Do" isn't in your future. Now, I'm not encouraging anyone to lower their standards, but it is possible to have a successful dating relationship without it leading to marriage.

Have you had a good relationship that didn't lead to "I Do"?

* For the record I casually dated 1 guy that didn't lead to a super serious relationship but was extremely healthy, fun and what I needed at the time. I didn't worry about working towards any relationship goal (aka "title") or where we would be in a year... it's was just refreshing and fun.

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