Jan 26, 2011

Too old to be bad?

This season of Bad Girl's Club is shaping up to be more of the same... fighting, drinking, and immature antics. However, something is not right. While most of the cast is 21 and clueless, Bolingbrook native Charmaine "Char" Warren is 27, a graduate of Illinois State University and apparently left behind her corporate marketing job to join the season 6 cast in Hollywood.

On Monday night's episode some of the girls had invited guys over and when Char asked their age (21) she responded that they were babies. Ummm... hello! Everyone in that house is a baby. 27 is damn near geriatric by "Bad Girl" standards and I've been trying to wrap my mind around what makes a GROWN woman walk away from a steady job (in a recession) to be a "bad girl" in LA?

It could be that she always wanted to make her way into TV and hosting parties... There's never a shortage of chicks hoping to ride the "Natalie Nunn" train all the way to the bank. To her credit she does have a degree backing her, so if (and when) her 15 mins are over she can hopefully go back to her 9-5 (if someone is hiring)... but 27 doesn't leave too much time to recover from making a fool out of yourself on national TV.

I'm 26 and the majority of my friends are hitting 27 this year, so the idea of ANY of us going on this show at this point in our lives is a joke. I can't even give a hypothetical for how I'd react to news that someone I knew was on this show because the truth is I don't have any friends that would ever go on this show at our age. Actually, I don't even have the types of friends that call themselves "bad bitches" lol...

For those that watch the Bad Girl's Club, do you think 27 is too old?


Bombchell said...

WOW @ the 2nd video.

ur never too old. look at real housewives.

South Loop Social Light said...

I disagree. I think you definitely reach an age where you're too old. Now, does that stop women from acting a fool on tv? Of course not... but I will say that Real Housewives on Bravo is in a different league than Bad Girl's Club on Oxygen lol

GorgeousPuddin said...

I think she looks silly and ridiculous. I also believe she's damaging her professional reputation. When she said she was 27 I was like Whaat?? Girl go home! LOL!

T said...

I do think that 27 is too old for the bad girls club. I think Brandy was 26 last year and she kept talking about how she was too old for the nonsense (while she continued in it. smh).

Being that old just gives you an excuse to dismiss everyone else like you're better than them.

I haven't seen the episode yet, but oh course, I know people who know Char since Chicago is so small and I'm going to ask them to call her and what kind of crack she was smoking to go on this show.

Anonymous said...

...so she doesn't like to wash?! What kind of woman? It kindof irritates me alittle because many ppl work hard to get where she is...or was...and she blew it for the bad GIRLS club - Bless her!

I just started a blog ---> http://angelodisogno.blogspot.com/ <---and was hoping you'd stop by, comment, follow or something :-D God Bless!

South Loop Social Light said...

Yes, at 27 you're officially damaging your professional reputation... unless you're only trying to segue into hosting parties (a la Natalie Nunn)... but I can't see her going back into the corporate world... especially marketing... given how important your reputation is.

K. Rock said...

The fact that she looks silly on the show really hasnothing to do with her age. She is just tooooooo extra. She would still be ridiculous if she were 21. But the fact that she likes to throw her age out there with the assumption that it comes with some sort of wisdom is ridiculous. But all that is the point of the BGC. It's ridiculously over the top...and I love it!

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