Jan 13, 2011

The Game Trivia: Answers

I must admit that I forgot to post the answers yesterday due to my extreme let down of The Game season premiere lol... I've recovered so the answers are below. How'd you do?

The Game Trivia Answers:

1. Who cheated in the relationship between Melanie and Derwin?
• Derwin

2. Who did he/she cheat with?
• Derwin with Drew Sidora

3. Malik has a thing for what?
• Big girls

4. Jason gets nervous when hosting the ESPN show?
• True

5. In season two Jason starts using?
• Steroids

6. Melanie is responsible for _____ when living with Tasha and Malik?
• Cleaning out Malik’s dog’s cages

7. Tasha is known for her…?
• Attitude

8. What frenemy offers Melanie a place to live while she and Derwin were broken up?
• Dionne

 9. What was Tasha’ nickname for Melanie?
• Med School

10. What two of the shows stars are one half of two different twin sets?
• Brittany Daniel and Tia Mowry (Kelly and Melanie)

11. What is Melanie’s last name on the show?
• Barnett

12. What is the name of Derwin’s baby’s mama?
• Janay

13. What was the name of the organization of the football players girlfriends and wives, and in Tasha’s case, mothers?
• The Sunbeams

14. What is the name of the football team the show is based around?
• The San Diego Sabers

15. What athlete was Malik set up with who Tasha tried to sign as a client?
• Serena Williams

16. What was the name of Melanie’s boyfriend, which was her most serious relationship after Derwin?
• Jerome

17. What was Kelly’s profession when she met Jason?
• Cheerleader

18. Who did Malik marry as a publicity stunt, but actually wanted to make a relationship of it?
• Robin Givens

19. What popular athlete did Tasha date who she initially tried to hide because they worked together?
• Rick Fox
20. What is Jason’s nickname for his daughter?
• Brit Brat

21. What was Drew Sidora’s occupation on the show and in real life?
• Singer

22. Derwin had a fling with a model and she attempted to do take advantage of him? How did she try to accomplish this?
• Using a turkey baister

23. What show is The Game a spinoff of?
• Girlfriends

24. Who is the creator of The Game?
• Mara Brock Akil

25. What is Malik’s last name on the show?
• Wright

26. What are the real names of the 6 main characters on the show
• Tia Mowry
• Pooch Hall
• Brittany Daniel
• Coby Bell
• Wendy Raquel Robinson
• Hosea Chanchez

27. What station was The Game on before BET picked it up?
• The CW

28. During Janay’s first trimester, why did Derwin have a difficult time getting an erection when having sex with Melanie?
• He didn’t want “project twins”

29. During Melanie and Derwin’s wedding, who or what interrupted the ceremony?
• The birth of Janay and Derwin’s baby

30. What item of Melanie’s did Janay find while living with Derwin that she asked Derwin to get rid of?
• Her bear with doctor clothes on

31. What job does Kelly take to attempt at having her own identity?
• Tasha’ assistant

32. In season 1 Malik is crushed to learn which ex girlfriend is getting married?
• Eva Marcille

33. At a Sunbeams meeting, what was Kelly’s drink of choice?
• Wine

34. In the last episode, what took place in the hospital besides the birth of Derwin’s baby?
• Derwin and Melanie married in the chapel

35. Before The Game, what show and character was Wendy Racquel Robinson most popular for?
• Piggy or Regina on The Steve Harvey Show

36. What did Kelly admit to Jason in therapy that threw a wrench in their relationship?
• She married him for his money in the beginning

37. Who plays Jason’s most recent girlfriend, Camille, on the show?
• Stacey Dash

38. What is Malik’s nickname for Melanie?
• Girl Melanie

39. How are Melanie and Joan Clayton from Girlfriends related?
• Cousins

40. How are Malik and T-T related?
• They are not related but childhood friends

41. What was Dionne’s occupation on the show?
• Derwin’s publicist

42. Who produces the show and what sitcom or sitcoms is he/she famous for?
• Kelsey Grammer in Cheers and Frasier

43. What school did Melanie give up to move to California with Derwin?
• Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

44. A character appeared as Tony the Cable Guy in an episode and Melanie was caught making out with him, who is he to her in real life?
• Her real life husband, Cory Hardict

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