Oct 30, 2008

8 reasons Obama will Win

I got this from the chicago tribune site today and wanted to share. Original post can be found here.

By Eric Zorn

1. Obama’s supporters are more energized.

Obama draws enormous crowds wherever he goes and has energized young and first-time voters in a way that will surprise pollsters relying on traditional turn-out models. A recent USA Today/Gallup poll found 74 percent of Obama voters saying they are more enthusiastic about voting this time than in previous elections. Only 48 percent of McCain voters said the same.

These jazzed Obama supporters don’t see their vote as the weary, defensive choice of the lesser of two evils, but as an exciting chance to create a brighter future.

2. Obama has a superior ground game.

In part because Sen. Hillary Clinton challenged him deep into the primary season, Obama is better organized at the neighborhood level than any Democratic presidential candidate in history. His campaign is also making landmark use of technology –-- using e-mail, text messages and social networking sites to keep in touch with supporters and urge them to the polls.

3. Obama has a superior air game.

Obama is so flush with cash he’s able to saturate TV and radio in key markets at the end of the campaign with ads that counter McCain’s criticisms of him and launch attacks on McCain. It’s not just the money – which he was able to raise oodles of after opting out of the public financing system--- but the determination to respond rapidly and vehemently inside the space of a single news cycle.

4. McCain has lost his brand

Yes, he’s a volatile man running in sensitive times under the banner of troubled party. But he started off with the image of a bi-partisan straight-shooter with a clear, selfless sense of proportion.

Yet he’s campaigned like a crank.

His scattershot, over-the-top assaults on Obama’s character (or, rather, the character of Obama’s associates) have seemed like an effort to change the subject from important issues. And now that McCain’s finally settled on conservative tax policy as his theme down the stretch, his campaign is so desperate for traction that it’s going schoolyard – channeling Joe McCarthy and calling Obama a socialist, a Marxist and even a communist.

5. Sarah Palin is turning out to be the disasta’ from Alaska.

I’m confident historians will rank McCain’s decision to choose a rookie governor from a low-population state to be his running mate as his biggest miscalculation.

Palin’s youth, spunkiness and conservative bona fides fired up the Republican base, sure.

But her ignorance, on display in early TV interviews, mortified the rest of us, and polls now show her as a distinct drag on the ticket.

McCain’s appalling judgment in selecting Palin has been cited by Colin Powell, several high-profile conservative intellectuals and scores of newspaper editorial boards as a reason to support Obama. (Obama leads 231-102 in the endorsement derby)

6. Obama hasn’t lost his cool.

Historians will also note the textbook discipline of the Obama campaign, which stuck to a set of fairly simple “change” messages while the McCain campaign kept trying out new themes.

This steadiness has been mirrored by Obama’s own equanimity, particularly during the debates in which he looked and sounded far more presidential than the twitchy, simpering McCain.

The more people saw of Obama, the less he seemed like the frightening, radical, terrorist sympathizer in McCain’s cartoonish rhetoric.

7. McCain hasn’t been able to fight the Bush headwinds.

No matter how many times McCain said “maverick,” he still couldn’t create enough distance from the deeply unpopular president to make the sale to voters hungering for new leadership.

8. Obama’s been lucky

Things have been relatively quiet all year on the terror and national security fronts – McCain’s strengths. And the major crisis of the campaign season – the economic meltdown – not only played into one of Obama’s perceived strong suits, it also caused McCain to appear impulsive and indecisive in the face of a sudden challenge.

This is not a taunt or a guarantee, but I expect that luck to hold at least through Tuesday night.

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed Nov. 1st - Nov. 4th. A bus will be taking volunteers and going to Indiana to help the Obama Campaign. If you're interested in a volunteer opportunity click the flyer for more details!

Oct 29, 2008

Be heard...make change....vote!

If you're like me, you're tired of all the desperate antics of the GOP to get you to cast your vote for McCain and Palin (you'd have to be on a 12 day crack/meth binge to think they'd make great leaders...of anything!)....Other than McCain looking like a diseased lab rat, Palin is just this ridiculous train wreck that I've been forced to watch over the past few weeks. I mean, who really goes to Alaska to find anything...let alone the VP pick. I only cared about Alaska to the extent that "Deadliest Catch" was filmed there. lol...

With that being said...I'm proud to say that I officially
BARACKED the vote and cast my vote for Barack Obama! I'm registered in Arizona and let it be known that AZ isn't entirely McCain country...he can kick a big ass pile of rocks...(if he can even move his legs that high...) Anyways, I urge everyone to get your vote in early, if possible...or at least get out there on Nov. 4th and stand up for change! Remember, if you don't vote you can't complain!

Oct 27, 2008

The Stiletto

The internet can always successfully lure you in with its endless options of ways to waste time! I found this site containing a dating persona test and think it's a lot of fun. Here's what I got:

The Stiletto

Deliberate Brutal Sex Master (DBSM)

The Stiletto

Edgy. Physical. Devastating. You are The Stiletto, of all types, the most likely to be a dominatrix and the least likely to apologize.

Sex is your object, and you have a LOT of it. Doubtless, you've figured out how easy it is for a dominant, assertive woman to have as many and whichever partners as she chooses. You're in control, you know what you want, and you get it, right there. It's highly likely you have a nice body, and it's even more likely we're getting all turned on right now writing this.

You're generally careful with your actions and words, but your test answers indicate you've hurt some people, drawn some blood. This means one of two things. Either you're calculating, and pain is just part of your game plan, or hurting the occasional guy is just the unfortunate, but natural, byproduct of your liberated sexual existence.

Our tendency is to believe the latter: you're willing to engage men on a basic sexual level, and clearly they're attracted to you. It's understandable that a few might get overly attached, and sometimes harshness is the only way for you to escape: you've got to cut your way out. After all, it's not emotional bondage you're looking for right now.

Your exact female opposite:

The Window Shopper

The Window Shopper

Random Gentle Love Dreamer

Always avoid: The Slow Dancer (DGLD), The Manchild (RBLD)

Consider: The 5-Night Stand (DBSM), The Bachelor (DGSM)

Link: The Online Dating Persona Test | OkCupid - free online dating | Dating

Oct 22, 2008

First Fridays Chicago - November Event

It's almost that time again for the sexy, swank and upscale urban professionals to get together, throw back some drinks and enjoy First Fridays Chicago!

The November event is set to be held on Friday, November 7th at the
Hard Rock Cafe 63 W. Ontario (downtown Chicago). In addition to being the 16th anniversary celebration for First Fridays Chicago, the theme is all black attire with a special musical performance by Slick Rick "the ruler".

The event is sure to be better than the October event which I previously blogged about (due to the venue being an actual restaurant)...and I'm thrilled to go to a real bar that accepts real credit cards and NO carbon copy receipts!

On the 1s and 2s will be DJs 33 1/3, Tim Buck2, and Mark Fulla Flava...with special guest Slick Rick! For those who aren't familiar with any of his music (though it's hard to believe anyone hasn't heard of him...) here's a flashback to one of my FAVORITE songs growing up!

If you're looking for something nice to do and want to see the best of the best in Chicago's urban nightlife scene, I recommend putting this event high on your list! Due to the struggling economy, the promoters are giving the First 100 people to RSVP complimentary entry to the event! Go to the site www.firstfridayschicago.com and complete the form!

Club lights are necessary...

The power of a camera flash is truly amazing. Most recently I was reminded of its power...and the necessity of club lights...when visiting Boutique night club. Club bars and bathrooms are never the cleanest of places...but there is decent and then there is just plan filthy. My camera was able to capture not only a cluster f*ck of toliet paper and tissue gone hay wire in the women's bathroom, but flooding on the bathroom floor as well...which seemed to be seeping from each and every stall!

If that wasn't enough, I witnessed the "thorough" cleaning process for washing glasses at the bar...observe the murky, blue liquid in the sink...very reminiscent of a sink-full of
Hypnotiq...well, that liquid is apparently so effective at "cleaning" the dishes that it only requires a glass to be dipped into it a few times and then placed on the side to dry...no rinsing of the glasses was witnessed! *crickets* *crickets* *crickets* I was blown away, in all the wrong ways, to watch the glasses being "washed" by this process...it actually makes you prefer the plastic cups bars have been known to give out on ocassion.

Single Ladies: Put a ring on it

It only took 3 days for "Single Ladies (put a ring on it)", Beyonce's new song, to grow on me! When the video hit I was in awe...her ability to captivate in black and white with only a leotard and 2 other dancers...it was amazing! I loved the choreography and like many others found myself pausing the youtube video to try and learn a few steps. I stumbled across this video of a guy doing the steps and was floored by his precision, showmanship, enthusiasm and fierceness. His movements are so fluid...he's giving tons of chicks out there a run for their money!

***UPDATE*** After receiving a brilliant suggestion from a girlfriend, I've put up the original "Single Ladies (put a ring on it)" video from Beyonce! You can compare the two and really see how on point this guy is!

2 snaps for the kid!!!

Oct 16, 2008

Vodka Snob

This term was recently introduced to me by a friend who proudly proclaimed himself a "vodka snob" and touted that he only drank Stoli Elit. After a little coercion, I ordered myself the ultra premium "vodka snob" vodka of choice...a little while later and I was staring at the bottom of my martini glass. I had been transformed. I crossed over to the dark side - - the snob side! Please understand, I am not a fan of martinis. After a few bad experiences with apple martinis I swore off all martinis of any kind. After tasting the smoothness that is Stoli Elit I started doing a little research. This vodka is well-known and though pricey, worth the money. If the average cost of a premium vodka martini (i.e. Grey Goose) costs you around $13...expect that a Stoli Elit martini (ultra premium) may run you closer to $20-$25. If a bottle is what you're craving, expect to shell out $65-$75. If you're looking to get wasted on the cheap, this is not your vodka. If your goal is to sit in a swank locale and sip on something that's truly remarkable this is for you!

A little history on Stoli Elit:

The first "ultra-premium" vodka to be imported to the States, Stoli Elit is refined via a patented freeze-filtration process that's basically a high-tech update of traditional methods: Russian proles once poured vodka into wooden barrels and stuck them outdoors in the frigid winter. This caused the contents to freeze, with only the purest vodka remaining liquid at its center. That part is known as the "alpha," and is what's used for Elit.

This vodka was featured on the Men's Style website and was not only on their Top 10 list of Vodkas...but also landed itself as an Editor's pick!

Oct 8, 2008

First Fridays Chicago - October Event

As I approach my mid-20s (technically I'm 8 months away...lol) it's a challenge to find a club/lounge atmosphere that fits me. I want a young, professional, urban, sexy and sophisticated feel. Unfortunately, places are either crawling with those suffering from the "snap craze", people whose only focus is to bottle pop and stunt, those trying to get chose, or folks a bit too old. In my search to find something new, I decided to attend First Fridays October event. I'd never been to a First Fridays event but heard wonderful things so I was quite optimistic.

The event was held at Flirty Girl Fitness (1325 W. Randolph) and featured various rooms, 3 DJs and even had 1 of the staff from Flirty Girl Fitness showcasing her pole routines....and before you start having images of the Player's Club flash into your mind, it was tastefully done. In actuality, watching her ab muscles being so engaged almost convinced me to cough up the $110 - $150 / month for the membership.

In terms of the actual venue, I wasn't expecting too much because I reminded myself that this was a fitness club...not a lounge, restaurant or club...but the use of space was poor. There were rooms that were unused and I believe that with a better use of space, things would have flowed better.

The biggest disappoinment was the bar situation. There were 4 bars, 2 cash only, and using a credit card was a nightmare. (picture getting a carbon copy receipt...lol...not the business) After paying the cover ($20 for women, $30 for men) I was excited to quench my thirst with a drink. I asked for a long island...hoping to get the most bang for my buck...but was told by the bartender that she "didn't have those ingredients." Hoping to simplify things a bit I asked for a vodka/lemonade...but was once again told "we don't have lemonade". At that point I have to admit that I became quite frustrated because if you're going to host a club night at your venue, you need to have a FULLY stocked bar...all in all the staff remained upbeat and accommodating as their venue nearly bust at the seems with people...most of whom were also irritated with the poorly stocked bar and treacherous wait for using their credit card.

On a brighter note, the crowd was wonderful...one of the most aesthetically pleasing I've seen in Chicago. The women were dressed nicely and for the most part cute (the wackness levels were at an all time low) . As for the men, I have to admit that they were for the most part all attractive...and their attire was the much needed icing on the cake. I'd recommend visiting the website and sending in an RSVP to cut down on the cost at the door...however, it's definitely worth the price (given the event is held at an actual club/restaurant/lounge...therefore allowing for a real bar).

The next First Fridays Chicago event is scheduled for Friday, November 7th. Check out the website for details as the date approaches.

Oct 3, 2008

UNICEF's 3rd Annual Wine, Women & Shoes

I had the pleasure of volunteering at UNICEF's 3rd annual Wine, Women & Shoes event last night and had a great time. If anyone is unfamiliar with the work that UNICEF is doing I'd suggest taking a look at their site.

While at the event I not only got to assist with their efforts to raise money for children in need, but let my eyes devour shoes and bags from designers such as Jimmy Choo and Louboutin...while my thirst was quenched by a vast selection of wines. The night was topped off by the superb location, the River East Arts Center.

Guests were free to walk around the gallery and take in the many interesting painting, sculptures, and designs. Among my favorites, was this breathtaking sculpture I found. I wasn't able to identify the artist, but the work speaks for itself. It's the first time, in a long time, that a piece of art has managed to capture my attention and spark my curiosity for not only the artist behind the work, but the story of the piece. I was blown away by the kinetic nature of the sculpture. My new mission is to find out the name of this work and the artist. I know that it's out of my price range...for now...the piece next to it was going for $24,000...but its beauty is undeniable and I'd love to own this.

Oct 2, 2008

Palin Bingo

With the Vice Presidential debate airing tonight I'm sure everyone is excited to see just how Sarah Palin plans on not sounding like an idiot! I wish I could respect her for the fact that she's a woman trying to hang with the big boys in politics...but let's face it, she's no Hillary...so I have no problem getting in a few laughs at her expense. I think she's pure entertainment and will definitely be pulling out my popcorn to watch her dig a deeper hole. For all of those that plan on watching and want to incorporate a game, I just received this link and I think this is a great idea: http://palinbingo.com/

A way to make this political bingo game even more fun - - throw some shots into the mix whenever she uses one of those words...or you can even take a shot whenever she twists her hands all funny. If you've seen any of her previous interviews (with Katie Couric, Charles Gibson...or even her being mocked on SNL by Tina Fey...) you'll remember that she's always using her hands and like twisting her fingers and what not. It's kinda funny once you notice it and start looking for it.

Here's an example of some of the bingo boards:
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