Oct 2, 2008

Palin Bingo

With the Vice Presidential debate airing tonight I'm sure everyone is excited to see just how Sarah Palin plans on not sounding like an idiot! I wish I could respect her for the fact that she's a woman trying to hang with the big boys in politics...but let's face it, she's no Hillary...so I have no problem getting in a few laughs at her expense. I think she's pure entertainment and will definitely be pulling out my popcorn to watch her dig a deeper hole. For all of those that plan on watching and want to incorporate a game, I just received this link and I think this is a great idea: http://palinbingo.com/

A way to make this political bingo game even more fun - - throw some shots into the mix whenever she uses one of those words...or you can even take a shot whenever she twists her hands all funny. If you've seen any of her previous interviews (with Katie Couric, Charles Gibson...or even her being mocked on SNL by Tina Fey...) you'll remember that she's always using her hands and like twisting her fingers and what not. It's kinda funny once you notice it and start looking for it.

Here's an example of some of the bingo boards:
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