Oct 8, 2008

First Fridays Chicago - October Event

As I approach my mid-20s (technically I'm 8 months away...lol) it's a challenge to find a club/lounge atmosphere that fits me. I want a young, professional, urban, sexy and sophisticated feel. Unfortunately, places are either crawling with those suffering from the "snap craze", people whose only focus is to bottle pop and stunt, those trying to get chose, or folks a bit too old. In my search to find something new, I decided to attend First Fridays October event. I'd never been to a First Fridays event but heard wonderful things so I was quite optimistic.

The event was held at Flirty Girl Fitness (1325 W. Randolph) and featured various rooms, 3 DJs and even had 1 of the staff from Flirty Girl Fitness showcasing her pole routines....and before you start having images of the Player's Club flash into your mind, it was tastefully done. In actuality, watching her ab muscles being so engaged almost convinced me to cough up the $110 - $150 / month for the membership.

In terms of the actual venue, I wasn't expecting too much because I reminded myself that this was a fitness club...not a lounge, restaurant or club...but the use of space was poor. There were rooms that were unused and I believe that with a better use of space, things would have flowed better.

The biggest disappoinment was the bar situation. There were 4 bars, 2 cash only, and using a credit card was a nightmare. (picture getting a carbon copy receipt...lol...not the business) After paying the cover ($20 for women, $30 for men) I was excited to quench my thirst with a drink. I asked for a long island...hoping to get the most bang for my buck...but was told by the bartender that she "didn't have those ingredients." Hoping to simplify things a bit I asked for a vodka/lemonade...but was once again told "we don't have lemonade". At that point I have to admit that I became quite frustrated because if you're going to host a club night at your venue, you need to have a FULLY stocked bar...all in all the staff remained upbeat and accommodating as their venue nearly bust at the seems with people...most of whom were also irritated with the poorly stocked bar and treacherous wait for using their credit card.

On a brighter note, the crowd was wonderful...one of the most aesthetically pleasing I've seen in Chicago. The women were dressed nicely and for the most part cute (the wackness levels were at an all time low) . As for the men, I have to admit that they were for the most part all attractive...and their attire was the much needed icing on the cake. I'd recommend visiting the website and sending in an RSVP to cut down on the cost at the door...however, it's definitely worth the price (given the event is held at an actual club/restaurant/lounge...therefore allowing for a real bar).

The next First Fridays Chicago event is scheduled for Friday, November 7th. Check out the website for details as the date approaches.
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