Oct 3, 2008

UNICEF's 3rd Annual Wine, Women & Shoes

I had the pleasure of volunteering at UNICEF's 3rd annual Wine, Women & Shoes event last night and had a great time. If anyone is unfamiliar with the work that UNICEF is doing I'd suggest taking a look at their site.

While at the event I not only got to assist with their efforts to raise money for children in need, but let my eyes devour shoes and bags from designers such as Jimmy Choo and Louboutin...while my thirst was quenched by a vast selection of wines. The night was topped off by the superb location, the River East Arts Center.

Guests were free to walk around the gallery and take in the many interesting painting, sculptures, and designs. Among my favorites, was this breathtaking sculpture I found. I wasn't able to identify the artist, but the work speaks for itself. It's the first time, in a long time, that a piece of art has managed to capture my attention and spark my curiosity for not only the artist behind the work, but the story of the piece. I was blown away by the kinetic nature of the sculpture. My new mission is to find out the name of this work and the artist. I know that it's out of my price range...for now...the piece next to it was going for $24,000...but its beauty is undeniable and I'd love to own this.
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