Oct 22, 2008

Club lights are necessary...

The power of a camera flash is truly amazing. Most recently I was reminded of its power...and the necessity of club lights...when visiting Boutique night club. Club bars and bathrooms are never the cleanest of places...but there is decent and then there is just plan filthy. My camera was able to capture not only a cluster f*ck of toliet paper and tissue gone hay wire in the women's bathroom, but flooding on the bathroom floor as well...which seemed to be seeping from each and every stall!

If that wasn't enough, I witnessed the "thorough" cleaning process for washing glasses at the bar...observe the murky, blue liquid in the sink...very reminiscent of a sink-full of
Hypnotiq...well, that liquid is apparently so effective at "cleaning" the dishes that it only requires a glass to be dipped into it a few times and then placed on the side to dry...no rinsing of the glasses was witnessed! *crickets* *crickets* *crickets* I was blown away, in all the wrong ways, to watch the glasses being "washed" by this process...it actually makes you prefer the plastic cups bars have been known to give out on ocassion.
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