Oct 29, 2008

Be heard...make change....vote!

If you're like me, you're tired of all the desperate antics of the GOP to get you to cast your vote for McCain and Palin (you'd have to be on a 12 day crack/meth binge to think they'd make great leaders...of anything!)....Other than McCain looking like a diseased lab rat, Palin is just this ridiculous train wreck that I've been forced to watch over the past few weeks. I mean, who really goes to Alaska to find anything...let alone the VP pick. I only cared about Alaska to the extent that "Deadliest Catch" was filmed there. lol...

With that being said...I'm proud to say that I officially
BARACKED the vote and cast my vote for Barack Obama! I'm registered in Arizona and let it be known that AZ isn't entirely McCain country...he can kick a big ass pile of rocks...(if he can even move his legs that high...) Anyways, I urge everyone to get your vote in early, if possible...or at least get out there on Nov. 4th and stand up for change! Remember, if you don't vote you can't complain!

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