Mar 25, 2014

Grilled Lamb with Brown Sugar Glaze Recipe

Working for the #1 food website in the world has its perks... namely being exposed to countless yumtastic recipes that inspire me to throw on my "chef hat" and whip up some work in the kitchen. I absolutely love eating lamb and was excited to find frenched rack of lamb on sale when I was at the store. I knew I wanted to try a new recipe and ended up using the Grilled Lamb with Brown Sugar Glaze recipe on

You can visit the site for the full recipe and video by clicking here.

I created the brown sugar glaze dry rub, coated the lamb and let it marinate (covered) in the fridge for an hour. Then I placed on the grilled and cooked each side for about 5-10 mins (depending on thickness of cut). This yielded medium rare lamb. I don't have a cooking thermometer for precise heating, but you can do a little trial and error on your first piece of meat.

The brown sugar dry rub was amazeballs! It allowed the meat to be sweet, but not overly sweet. I paired the lamb with sweet potatoes (cut in 1-inch cubes, covered with sea salt, course ground black pepper, brown sugar and maple syrup, placed in the oven on 400 degrees for 60 mins), and a fresh salad.

Also, don't feel intimidated if you don't own a grill. Our apt only has an electric range and we don't own a grill for our patio. Instead I used a cast iron skillet grill and was able to get great results.


After the lamb marinated for 1 hour

Cooking lamb in skillet grill

Finished lamb

I was able to snag lamb on sale at my local grocer, but you can always order on or using Amazon Fresh if that's available in your city.

If only smell-o-vision was a real thing!!

Mar 23, 2014

How to Create a Top Knot/Ninja Bun with Braids & Twists

Everyone loves a top knot, and whenever I'm rocking Senegalese Twists it's one of my favorite go-to styles. I created a quick "How To" tutorial which shows how I create my ninja bun. Keep in mind you can use the same method for creating your top knot even if you aren't rocking braids or twists.


Mar 20, 2014

Fashion Fix: H&M Bikini for Large Breasts under $30

My boobs are a 34DDD and it's rare I can find a cute bikini top in regular stores (i.e. Forever21, H&M, Target, etc...). It's even rarer that I find a top for under $50, let alone $20 which makes my heart swoon. When I was in H&M earlier today I snagged this super cute bikini and was floored that it actually fit me! If you're repping for the Big Titty Committee and looking for a sexy, yet affordable bikini to rock this spring/summer, head to your nearest H&M and cop this one. The top costs $17.95 with the bottoms ring in at $9.95. A true deal to snag a hot suit for under $30!

I opted to get the size 12 top (tops go up to a size 14) and the size 12 bottoms (fits like a large, also goes up to a size 14). Keep in mind that the bikini bottoms have a traditional bikini cut, almost Brazilian style, so you'll definitely have your cheeks coming out to play. The fit is flattering, but the bottoms won't offer any additional coverage on your stomach (they're low rise). Basically you'll get a supportive top that can handle larger busts, but the bottoms require you to be "summer ready" lol. Also note that the band around your torso is not adjustable, but the straps do adjust. There is also a side wire on the bikini top, and the thickness of the band helps support your breasts, but there is not an underwire.

H&M Bikini - Top $17.95, Bottom $9.95

Fashion Fix: Leopard Print Gold Toe Flats

When I think of cute shoes Ivanka Trump isn't the first (or second, third, or 100th) person that comes to mind. So, imagine my surprise when I was in Nordstrom Rack the other day and came across these leopard printed little gems! Turns out Ivanka Trump has an entire line of shoes, bags, etc... and I was more than happy to toss a few coins her way.

My friends know that I'm a sucker for anything gold, but I also rock pretty hard for prints. Safe to say you can find me rocking black, gold, or prints. I probably wear too much black, but what better way than to add a pop of something awesome -- enter the leopard print gold toe flats!

I got them on clearance at Nordstrom Rack for under $40 which is great. Feel free to check out your nearest Rack store if you wanna snag a pair.

Ivanka Trump "Carla" Flats

Mar 19, 2014

'The Tequila Tales' heads to ATL 3/20 #T3Quotes

I've previously blogged about my fondness of The Tequila Tales monthly event in Chicago, and they're taking the show on the road! First up is a stop in Atlanta. Join the T3 crew as they bring their relationship chat to Venue Restaurant & Tapas Bar tomorrow night, 3/20. The chat begins @ 6p and you can RSVP by clicking here.

A taste of what to expect...

Mar 17, 2014

Turn Down for What?

Y'all... this weekend I finally got out of the house and into a club, something I hadn't done since moving to Seattle last June, and when I say I blew the cobwebs off my dancing force - - I let it GO and left everything on the dance floor.

Now, I had more drinks than I can actually remember... I legitimately lost count. Just for fun let me try and remember: 1) Greyhound 2) Shot of tequila... 3, 4, 5 and possibly 6 were a bit of a blur. In short I had vodka, tequila, and whiskey. Oh, and 2 glasses of red wine earlier in the night. Sheesh. Sounds like one hell of a night lol.

My boyfriend opted to stay in, so I was flying solo. The only problem with that was the fact I rolled out with mainly all couples. Not the biggest deal, but whenever I was lost in my zone dancing, every once in a while I'd have to do a quick check and make sure I wasn't dancing around anyone's man. The last thing I needed was to be the new girl to the group getting a bit too loose. Plus women don't want anyone dancing in the vicinity of their man and I don't have time for those types of struggles. Anyways, fun was had by all... even if everyone didn't wake up remembering anything lol. Everyone needs nights like that at least 1-2 times a month! Turn down for what?

Check out more pics on my IG.

Mar 14, 2014

A divorce isn't your financial pay day

When I was going through my divorce a few years ago I remember sitting in the court room, one of the numerous solo trips I had to make back and forth to court, and seeing this one couple. They had 2 kids, 10 years of marriage and were in the final stages of the divorce process.

What struck me most about this couple was how casual and amicable everything was. They were smiling, working together, and really it seemed like all parities were in relatively good spirits. As the judge reached the verdict on their case (because everyone is in the same court room and everyone can hear your business lol), it was announced that they would share custody, there would be no alimony, no child support, and each would cover the expenses for the kids when they were in that person's care.

Mind you the kids were also in the court room with their parents and lawyers. After things were signed off on by the judge, the now ex's hugged and kept it moving. My mind was blown.

check out post

When Porsha Stewart's divorce outcome was announced in media a few days ago I smiled at the fact she was walking away nearly empty handed. 2 years of marriage, no kids, and enough fuckery and foolishness to last 2 seasons of RHOA... bye Felicia. I wrote a post on Eat.Pray.F-ck., but also felt the need to chime in with 2 additional points:
1) Divorce is not meant to be some massive pay day with you running off into the sunset holding all of the coins you can!

2) 2 years of marriage isn't enough time to derail your career and ambition leaving you feeling "entitled" to some sort of financial compensation.

Marriage is a choice. A beautiful choice... choosing to embark on a journey with someone for the rest of your life moving as one. Sometimes shit hits the fan and divorce is thrown on the table. It happens. I'm not arguing the validity of divorce, but merely stating that it's a reality. What divorce isn't intended to be is a major financial come up, time to show your ass, or become the captain of "Team Petty."

I'll probably film a Vlog about this topic since it's so close to my heart... and I can only type so many words without talking in circles lol. This is better suited for a vlog rant.

My question to you: What's your experience with divorce? and do you think people are "entitled" to anything in particular? Does the length of the marriage affect your decision?

Mar 13, 2014

What had happened was...

I was in the midst of a conversation with Sexy and the Chi, per usual... and realized that I hadn't really blogged at all this week. Despite having a ton of ideas in my head, nothing made its way out. Thus leaving my blog a bit stark due in part to my shenanigans and fuck deficiency. Sum it all up to say that I haven't been about that blogging life this week. What have I been concerned about?

Spring in Seattle
1. Where in the world is that missing Malaysian flight! Seriously... we seem to be able to find anything and everything, yet an entire plan full of people seemingly vanished! My boyfriend said it might be the rapture. My step-dad said it was aliens. Who even knows... but my heart goes out to all of the people on that flight and their families. This is heartbreaking and tragic beyond words.

2. Does anyone else drink coffee and then wonder why? I mean, coffee absolutely RIPS through my body, annihilating it lol. My girlfriend called it a stimulant. I call it a laxative. Every time I drink a cup I'm left wondering about my life.

Until I get a full length mirror
3. Whenever I go shopping during my lunch at work I feel some type of way coming back to my desk carrying tons of bags. I'm sure nobody is thinking about me and what my life is about, but for some reason I feel very self-aware of how it looks to see me strolling in with bags on bags on bags. Sometimes I even opt to get smaller bags so I can smoosh them into my giant purse lol. Yeah, there's  probably something deeper going on.

4. Whenever you sign a lease, do you REALLY read everything? I mean, I know people have a habit of signing things and only skimming through, but as my boyfriend and I count down the days until our lease is up, I realized that there were entire sections I didn't read. For instance, we aren't allowed to sublet. They will allow us to cancel our lease with ample notice, but we're fined a fee of nearly 5k! Like, 5 thousands fucking coins. *sigh* The struggle is real... and just as I was getting excited about viewing potential properties, all of those hopes and dreams were dashed.

I go light on the onions and add mustard
5. Why does it take me a full week to wash 5 loads of clothes? Every day I come home thinking I'm going to knock out all of my laundry... plus paint my nails and workout! Yes... all of that... and at most I manage to get 1 load done and a workout. I'm not sure if I'm just slacking and dragging my feet, or if I need to set more realistic expectations. I've been trying to do my nails for the past 2 weeks.

6. Speaking of which, I've had a crack in my left thumb nail for the past few MONTHS! Yes, you read that correctly... months! Whenever it starts to grow out there's always some life fuckery that swoops in and chips it again. It sucks. Jesus be a fence.

7.  I think I'm over the Kardashians. Like, for real for real. I'm 2 episodes behind on this season and finding it harder and harder to locate any fucks to make it through an entire episode. I know this is a good thing.

Being emo withKhaleesi
8. I think MAC's "Cyber" lipstick paired with NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in "Train Bleu" have become my new "neutral" lip. There is nothing better than a bold emo lip. It makes my life force delight.

9. Seriously - - where the fuck is that plane! This is so heartbreaking and tragic.

Rocking that Top Knot
10. I totally believe in ghosts, have had experiences, and eat it up when speaking to other people about what's happened to them. 2 of my co-workers live in haunted homes and I could talk to them for hours about the things happening.

11. Currently sitting at work with quilted black leather shorts... hoping I'm not going to give myself a yeast infection with how tight they are! Jesus be some monistat plus. This is for the birds... they are great when I'm standing, but riding all up in my business as I sit at my desk.

Mar 11, 2014

House of Cards

Consider me extremely late to the party, but House of Cards is the best show out right now! I binged watched the first season over the weekend and was left in a post political haze as I struggled to make sense of everything I had just seen... then yesterday I started Season 2 and y'all, that first episode!!! My God. My jaw dropped and I couldn't find the words to describe the shock. Between House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, it's cool to see Netflix creating original content and giving me a real reason to give them coins each month.

If you're like me and have been dragging your feet to watch House of Cards, sign up for the Netflix free month trial and binge watch! It's totally worth it.

Mar 7, 2014

Official Choreography for Beyonce's "Flawless" Video

I've blogged about Beyonce's dancers and now I'm happy to share an official video of dance captains Ashley Everett and Kimmie G showing the "Flawless" choreography!

Mar 5, 2014

Do you wear Toms?

Living in Seattle is slowly starting to have an affect on me. I've spent the past few weeks trying to find a pair of Toms that I would actually wear. Even as I type this I'm scrunching my face. Like, is this really my life? Scouring the streets looking for a pair of shoes that are only mildly cute at best.

I know proceeds go towards a great cause (you buy a pair, they give a pair to a child who needs it), but y'all... I just can't get over how unsightly the shoes look on. Yes, they look cute (sometimes) on the shelf, but whenever I put my feet in there they just look off. The toe area is borderline hideous and I'm always left wondering "what the fuck are you thinking?" I mean, why do I want to find a pair of Toms so badly? I have no clue. Maybe it's because I have a non existent arch and my feet are terribly flat... or maybe they're just not that hot.

So, yeah... this is a first world, hippie shit type of problem. I know that... but whenever I see folks walking the streets of Seattle they look cute in their Toms, thus triggering the cycle of me debating whether or not I should snag a pair. Anyways, we shall see... Seattle is slowing taking over my life force. I feel like my friends in Chicago would've deaded this shit months ago lol.

Mar 4, 2014

@Afrobeatnikshop launches online shop

Let me just take a moment to praise God for the small things like having a glimmer of a social life in Seattle! I've been on the hunt for events to cover since moving here, but breaking into the laid back social scene has been quite a feat!

While browsing Fresh Jess (one of the only social Seattle blogs I've been able to find) I came across a flyer for the Afrobeatnik, a Seattle-based online vintage and handmade goods retailer, launch party for Saturday night. It seemed like it'd be a dope event, and I was looking forward to supporting two black women launching a vintage shop. Little did I know Angela Moorer, the creator of the shop, and I were already Twitter friends! Thus, this is another problem with Seattle - - you might actually be connected to the people hosting events, but STILL have no clue what's going on lol.

 Even though I was still battling my cold, I was excited to meet Angela in person since we'd chatted a few times on Twitter. So, I threw on some gear, my emo lip, and headed out to Lucid Lounge for the event.

One perks of living in South Lake Union is being so conveniently located to most places. I was able to hop in the car and be at the venue within 15 mins! Upon entering I was pleasantly surprised at the intimate, cool vibe at Lucid. Despite being the size of a cracker jack box, it was the perfect spot to host a private launch. Icing on the cake? I won a gift bag full of swag! Yay for free stuff... I also caught a dope performance by Seattle MC Turtle T. Check out his music here.

Afrobeatnik features an eclectic mix of vintage finds, all at reasonable prices. Check out the site here and use promo code "LAUNCHLOVE" for 20% off at check out.

Afrobeatnik Swag Bag

Mar 3, 2014

Where to go for Senegalese Twists in Seattle

Back Story: I remember being in Zumba one Saturday morning and seeing a girl with the loveliest twists in her hair. I stared at her hair for most of the class and couldn't wait to bum rush her and get the details on where she went. Class came to an end and I walked over, complimented her hair, and asked for a referral. She told me she did them herself (very impressive), but didn't do them for other people. My heart sank. She said she had a friend who also did hair about 45 mins North of Seattle. She took my number and promised to text me the details. A week passed with no follow-up from her. The next week at class I briefly went up to her and inquired again about her friend... but she seemed a bit aloof and I realized this was the dreaded "Seattle Freeze"... that passive aggressive, "friendly" yet lack of warmth persona that runs rampant in the Pacific Northwest.

To say it was hard to find someone to do my Senegalese Twists in Seattle would be a huge understatement. I've lived here for about 9 months and it took that long to find a place to go. I would go on Yelp and find a few places here and there, most with under 5 reviews, few pictures, rarely anything current... no websites. I'd conduct Google searches and turn up the same sad results. I even resorted to stopping the first girl I saw walking down the street with "decent" braids, just to see where she went... but opted to pass on calling.

When I was leaving Sunday brunch 2 weeks ago, walking to the car in the rain (very Seattle), I noticed a chick with noticeably grown out, yet still well-maintained braids at the bus stop. I approached her and asked where she had gone. While she didn't have cards, she did have the number in her phone... so I took the number and Googled it later that night. Yeah, it was kind of hard knocks lol... but I found the shop, Tombouctou African Hair Braiding. The website (now under construction) was rather basic, and I was shocked to not see a Yelp page (I added them to Yelp while I was getting my hair done lol). Still, I had seen the work first hand and proceeded to call the shop and make an appointment. This past weekend I headed into the shop to get my hair done and emerged 7.5 hours later with fresh Senegalese Twists! Praise baby Jesus...

The shop is located in South Seattle, in a strip mall-ish type of set-up. It's a no frills shop... clean, not fancy... very typical African braiding shop. There are about 5 stations for braiding and a small waiting area in the front with an old school TV and couch. If you've been to an African braiding shop before then you'll know what to expect. If this is your first time, adjust your expectations lol... this isn't the type of shop where you walk in and are greeted with a glass of champagne. The service is friendly and the quality of work is good, but the overall shop aesthetic leaves you wanting more.

Fatou (pronounced FAH-too) is the owner and from what I've been told one of the best braiders there. She did not do my hair, but I did see her work on 3 clients (kinky twists, invisible braids and 1 child who got her natural hair braided up). They all seemed very pleased with the work. Jamilah did my hair and was a very nice woman... twisted my hair 7.5 hours straight w/ no real breaks.

The shop is cash only and they do repair any twists/braids that come down free of charge. While I was there, 2 clients came in for touch-ups around the edges. Walk-ins are accepted, but it's preferable to call ahead of time and check the current wait, or make an appointment.

*** Feel free to ask any questions in the comments area ***

Who: Tombouctou African Hair Braiding
Where: 12629 Renton Ave S Unit F / Seattle, WA 98178
What: Various braided/twisted styles
Cost: Varies - Cash Only
Contact: (206) 794-4925 (Tell them Ishea sent you!!)

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