Mar 4, 2014

@Afrobeatnikshop launches online shop

Let me just take a moment to praise God for the small things like having a glimmer of a social life in Seattle! I've been on the hunt for events to cover since moving here, but breaking into the laid back social scene has been quite a feat!

While browsing Fresh Jess (one of the only social Seattle blogs I've been able to find) I came across a flyer for the Afrobeatnik, a Seattle-based online vintage and handmade goods retailer, launch party for Saturday night. It seemed like it'd be a dope event, and I was looking forward to supporting two black women launching a vintage shop. Little did I know Angela Moorer, the creator of the shop, and I were already Twitter friends! Thus, this is another problem with Seattle - - you might actually be connected to the people hosting events, but STILL have no clue what's going on lol.

 Even though I was still battling my cold, I was excited to meet Angela in person since we'd chatted a few times on Twitter. So, I threw on some gear, my emo lip, and headed out to Lucid Lounge for the event.

One perks of living in South Lake Union is being so conveniently located to most places. I was able to hop in the car and be at the venue within 15 mins! Upon entering I was pleasantly surprised at the intimate, cool vibe at Lucid. Despite being the size of a cracker jack box, it was the perfect spot to host a private launch. Icing on the cake? I won a gift bag full of swag! Yay for free stuff... I also caught a dope performance by Seattle MC Turtle T. Check out his music here.

Afrobeatnik features an eclectic mix of vintage finds, all at reasonable prices. Check out the site here and use promo code "LAUNCHLOVE" for 20% off at check out.

Afrobeatnik Swag Bag

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