Mar 13, 2014

What had happened was...

I was in the midst of a conversation with Sexy and the Chi, per usual... and realized that I hadn't really blogged at all this week. Despite having a ton of ideas in my head, nothing made its way out. Thus leaving my blog a bit stark due in part to my shenanigans and fuck deficiency. Sum it all up to say that I haven't been about that blogging life this week. What have I been concerned about?

Spring in Seattle
1. Where in the world is that missing Malaysian flight! Seriously... we seem to be able to find anything and everything, yet an entire plan full of people seemingly vanished! My boyfriend said it might be the rapture. My step-dad said it was aliens. Who even knows... but my heart goes out to all of the people on that flight and their families. This is heartbreaking and tragic beyond words.

2. Does anyone else drink coffee and then wonder why? I mean, coffee absolutely RIPS through my body, annihilating it lol. My girlfriend called it a stimulant. I call it a laxative. Every time I drink a cup I'm left wondering about my life.

Until I get a full length mirror
3. Whenever I go shopping during my lunch at work I feel some type of way coming back to my desk carrying tons of bags. I'm sure nobody is thinking about me and what my life is about, but for some reason I feel very self-aware of how it looks to see me strolling in with bags on bags on bags. Sometimes I even opt to get smaller bags so I can smoosh them into my giant purse lol. Yeah, there's  probably something deeper going on.

4. Whenever you sign a lease, do you REALLY read everything? I mean, I know people have a habit of signing things and only skimming through, but as my boyfriend and I count down the days until our lease is up, I realized that there were entire sections I didn't read. For instance, we aren't allowed to sublet. They will allow us to cancel our lease with ample notice, but we're fined a fee of nearly 5k! Like, 5 thousands fucking coins. *sigh* The struggle is real... and just as I was getting excited about viewing potential properties, all of those hopes and dreams were dashed.

I go light on the onions and add mustard
5. Why does it take me a full week to wash 5 loads of clothes? Every day I come home thinking I'm going to knock out all of my laundry... plus paint my nails and workout! Yes... all of that... and at most I manage to get 1 load done and a workout. I'm not sure if I'm just slacking and dragging my feet, or if I need to set more realistic expectations. I've been trying to do my nails for the past 2 weeks.

6. Speaking of which, I've had a crack in my left thumb nail for the past few MONTHS! Yes, you read that correctly... months! Whenever it starts to grow out there's always some life fuckery that swoops in and chips it again. It sucks. Jesus be a fence.

7.  I think I'm over the Kardashians. Like, for real for real. I'm 2 episodes behind on this season and finding it harder and harder to locate any fucks to make it through an entire episode. I know this is a good thing.

Being emo withKhaleesi
8. I think MAC's "Cyber" lipstick paired with NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in "Train Bleu" have become my new "neutral" lip. There is nothing better than a bold emo lip. It makes my life force delight.

9. Seriously - - where the fuck is that plane! This is so heartbreaking and tragic.

Rocking that Top Knot
10. I totally believe in ghosts, have had experiences, and eat it up when speaking to other people about what's happened to them. 2 of my co-workers live in haunted homes and I could talk to them for hours about the things happening.

11. Currently sitting at work with quilted black leather shorts... hoping I'm not going to give myself a yeast infection with how tight they are! Jesus be some monistat plus. This is for the birds... they are great when I'm standing, but riding all up in my business as I sit at my desk.

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