Mar 20, 2014

Fashion Fix: H&M Bikini for Large Breasts under $30

My boobs are a 34DDD and it's rare I can find a cute bikini top in regular stores (i.e. Forever21, H&M, Target, etc...). It's even rarer that I find a top for under $50, let alone $20 which makes my heart swoon. When I was in H&M earlier today I snagged this super cute bikini and was floored that it actually fit me! If you're repping for the Big Titty Committee and looking for a sexy, yet affordable bikini to rock this spring/summer, head to your nearest H&M and cop this one. The top costs $17.95 with the bottoms ring in at $9.95. A true deal to snag a hot suit for under $30!

I opted to get the size 12 top (tops go up to a size 14) and the size 12 bottoms (fits like a large, also goes up to a size 14). Keep in mind that the bikini bottoms have a traditional bikini cut, almost Brazilian style, so you'll definitely have your cheeks coming out to play. The fit is flattering, but the bottoms won't offer any additional coverage on your stomach (they're low rise). Basically you'll get a supportive top that can handle larger busts, but the bottoms require you to be "summer ready" lol. Also note that the band around your torso is not adjustable, but the straps do adjust. There is also a side wire on the bikini top, and the thickness of the band helps support your breasts, but there is not an underwire.

H&M Bikini - Top $17.95, Bottom $9.95

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