Mar 14, 2014

A divorce isn't your financial pay day

When I was going through my divorce a few years ago I remember sitting in the court room, one of the numerous solo trips I had to make back and forth to court, and seeing this one couple. They had 2 kids, 10 years of marriage and were in the final stages of the divorce process.

What struck me most about this couple was how casual and amicable everything was. They were smiling, working together, and really it seemed like all parities were in relatively good spirits. As the judge reached the verdict on their case (because everyone is in the same court room and everyone can hear your business lol), it was announced that they would share custody, there would be no alimony, no child support, and each would cover the expenses for the kids when they were in that person's care.

Mind you the kids were also in the court room with their parents and lawyers. After things were signed off on by the judge, the now ex's hugged and kept it moving. My mind was blown.

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When Porsha Stewart's divorce outcome was announced in media a few days ago I smiled at the fact she was walking away nearly empty handed. 2 years of marriage, no kids, and enough fuckery and foolishness to last 2 seasons of RHOA... bye Felicia. I wrote a post on Eat.Pray.F-ck., but also felt the need to chime in with 2 additional points:
1) Divorce is not meant to be some massive pay day with you running off into the sunset holding all of the coins you can!

2) 2 years of marriage isn't enough time to derail your career and ambition leaving you feeling "entitled" to some sort of financial compensation.

Marriage is a choice. A beautiful choice... choosing to embark on a journey with someone for the rest of your life moving as one. Sometimes shit hits the fan and divorce is thrown on the table. It happens. I'm not arguing the validity of divorce, but merely stating that it's a reality. What divorce isn't intended to be is a major financial come up, time to show your ass, or become the captain of "Team Petty."

I'll probably film a Vlog about this topic since it's so close to my heart... and I can only type so many words without talking in circles lol. This is better suited for a vlog rant.

My question to you: What's your experience with divorce? and do you think people are "entitled" to anything in particular? Does the length of the marriage affect your decision?

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