Mar 25, 2014

Grilled Lamb with Brown Sugar Glaze Recipe

Working for the #1 food website in the world has its perks... namely being exposed to countless yumtastic recipes that inspire me to throw on my "chef hat" and whip up some work in the kitchen. I absolutely love eating lamb and was excited to find frenched rack of lamb on sale when I was at the store. I knew I wanted to try a new recipe and ended up using the Grilled Lamb with Brown Sugar Glaze recipe on

You can visit the site for the full recipe and video by clicking here.

I created the brown sugar glaze dry rub, coated the lamb and let it marinate (covered) in the fridge for an hour. Then I placed on the grilled and cooked each side for about 5-10 mins (depending on thickness of cut). This yielded medium rare lamb. I don't have a cooking thermometer for precise heating, but you can do a little trial and error on your first piece of meat.

The brown sugar dry rub was amazeballs! It allowed the meat to be sweet, but not overly sweet. I paired the lamb with sweet potatoes (cut in 1-inch cubes, covered with sea salt, course ground black pepper, brown sugar and maple syrup, placed in the oven on 400 degrees for 60 mins), and a fresh salad.

Also, don't feel intimidated if you don't own a grill. Our apt only has an electric range and we don't own a grill for our patio. Instead I used a cast iron skillet grill and was able to get great results.


After the lamb marinated for 1 hour

Cooking lamb in skillet grill

Finished lamb

I was able to snag lamb on sale at my local grocer, but you can always order on or using Amazon Fresh if that's available in your city.

If only smell-o-vision was a real thing!!

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