Nov 4, 2019

Where to go for Knotless Box Braids in Chicago

Last month when I was in Chicago, I got knotless box braids for the first time... and after only having them for 12 hours, I fell in love. HARD! Although I live in Seattle now, Chicago is still my hometown and I wanted to spread the word about where everyone should go to get the best #KnotlessBoxBraids in the city!

I got my braids done by a woman on the North Side named Mimi (IG:@mibelle_beauty). I was referred to her by a girlfriend whose knotless box braids looked amazing (I was obsessed with them) and she told me she'd gotten referred to Mimi after asking a random girl in the bathroom who did her braids. Do you follow all of that? I know it's a bit extra. All of this is to say, referrals are powerful when your work speaks for itself... and so many amazing things can happen in the women's bathroom!

I've had braids a million times over the years, so I considered myself a bit of a pro going into this experience. Still, my mind was blown wide open when I finally experienced knotless box braids for the first time. I filmed this video to capture the true essence of my joy because I knew typing out a blog post alone wouldn't do them any justice.

Leave it to an amazing braiding experience to really make me blow the dust off my blog... even if statistics show that people only read on average for 17 mins a day, vs 2.5 hours/day spent watching their content (read: why I originally posted this video to Instagram weeks ago lol).

I've already referred a few folks to Mimi via Instagram, but I love making hair content available online (plus for SEO) to make it more accessible to people outside of Instagram.

Chicago Braider: Mimi
IG: @Mibelle_Beauty

The best way to reach Mimi is via her IG account (you can DM her). Note that a deposit is required to book with her (deposit is applied towards your final cost). She's located on the North Side of Chicago and braids out of her home. I thought her service was super professional and I appreciated her patience working with me via IG to solidify details (size of braids, size of parts, hair color(s) to use). I also loved that her work was extremely consistent! If you end up booking with Mimi, tell her I sent you!

Tip: Whenever you're booking with a stylist, it's nice to show them inspo pics of work they've actually done when you're going to them for a particular style. It shows that you've done your research and are coming to this because they're strong in the area of your desired style. 

Annoying Co-workers, Doxxing on Reddit, Vegan Propaganda on Netflix, and We're Finally Planning Our Wedding After Being Engaged Nearly 1.5 Years (Season 2 Episode 3)

On this week's episode... Mike and I worked from home (WFH) and discovered who the more annoying co-worker really is, I learned why I need to protect my identity on Reddit and what doxxing actually is (and how I kinda, sorta doxed someone 10+ years ago), the latest vegan propaganda film we watched on Netflix and how it sparked us to make more diet changes, and we're FINALLY PLANNING OUR WEDDING (*in my Oprah voice)

We share the process of planning our wedding, why we waited nearly 1.5 years to start, why I won't be changing my last name, our decision to keep separate bank accounts and how we're approaching discussing finances! 

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