Nov 4, 2019

Annoying Co-workers, Doxxing on Reddit, Vegan Propaganda on Netflix, and We're Finally Planning Our Wedding After Being Engaged Nearly 1.5 Years (Season 2 Episode 3)

On this week's episode... Mike and I worked from home (WFH) and discovered who the more annoying co-worker really is, I learned why I need to protect my identity on Reddit and what doxxing actually is (and how I kinda, sorta doxed someone 10+ years ago), the latest vegan propaganda film we watched on Netflix and how it sparked us to make more diet changes, and we're FINALLY PLANNING OUR WEDDING (*in my Oprah voice)

We share the process of planning our wedding, why we waited nearly 1.5 years to start, why I won't be changing my last name, our decision to keep separate bank accounts and how we're approaching discussing finances! 

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