Feb 28, 2013

Captain Save a Thick Neck: Desmond Bryant

Poor Desmond Bryant needs our help, y'all. After seeing the recent mugshot of the Oakland Raiders Defensive Tackle, it literally made my jaw drop (in the worst way) and feel the urge to send out a plea of help. Seriously - - Desmond went to freaking Harvard so even if he wasn't that smart, he's rubbed elbows with the best, so he knows better. Between the crusty lips, unappetizing tongue and taco meat facial hair, I can't manage to figure out which things needs our help.

Desmond Bryant - Before
Desmond Bryant - After

 Part of me believes he might have popped a molly and sweated out all inklings of common sense... hell, I still don't know what he was arrested for, but this picture speaks a thousand words - - all bad ones. I don't know if I should orchestrate a Fairy Thick Neck Team and swoop in to give this man a shower and a shave (and maybe a breath mint too - - let's be real, shit looks like it's a bit steamy lol), but NFLers out there, hell - - People In GENERAL!! Do better. Period.

You never know where the night will lead and for some the possibility of getting a mugshot isn't a far stretch. In that case, stay camera ready... even in your lowest moment, understand that photographs last forever and the internet makes it go viral.

Mr. Bryant, please do better. Your before picture gives me hope that you can clean up.


A concerned Thick Neck supporter.

Feb 27, 2013

#ChiBlogMeetup was a success

A big thank you to everyone that joined Noir CPA, More Than Fate, and myself on 2/13 for the Chicago Blogger's meetup.We're looking forward to hosting more meet-ups to connect bloggers and vloggers in the city, so stay tuned for something this spring! In the meantime, enjoy the pics.




Feb 26, 2013

Diaspora: @ArtofBlackness (via @MetroBoardCUL)

Friday night I attended the Diaspora: Art of Blackness art show held at NYCH Gallery, a hidden gem on 18th Street in Pilsen. One of the featured artists of the night, Brian Golden, showcased 3 pieces of his work, with other artists adding their artistic take on the show's theme - - Art of Blackness. DJ Kwest_on held down the sounds, with a special performance by African drummers. The event was curated by Lashun Tines and overall a great night.

A steady stream of people were able to get together in the name of art, mixing and mingling with free drinks. Seriously - - it gets no better than that! I'm not sure how long the work will be on display at the gallery, but if you're in the area it's worth checking out.

Feb 25, 2013

'Gratitude' the @PoshLifeEvents Way

Saturday afternoon I made my way to The Grid for the Posh Entertainment "Gratitude" day party.

DJ Jay iLLa
As a way of saying thanks and showing their gratitude for all of the support, Posh nixed the cover so it was Free 99 all day. As we all know, anything that's free has the potential to bring out the goons, but Posh has managed to cultivate a nice crowd over the past year. Thus, while it was packed tight inside The Grid, it was crammed with the creme de la cream of young, black professionals.

As always, DJ Jay iLLa delighted on the 1s and 2s and I was pleased with the level of service The Grid staff provided. River North spots can be hit or miss with their treatment of minorities, and let's be honest.. they're usually wack, so it's always refreshing to get a nice level of service, as anyone should receive.

As the spring inches its way closer and closer, I think Posh will remain their tight hold on the day party scene. Their events always have the right mix of music, scenery, and organization... but they tend to draw a slightly uptight, stuffy crowd. The 'Gratitude' party gave me hope that everyone is taking strides towards loosening up a bit and having more fun.

I'll definitely be at the next event. 

Feb 20, 2013

Diaspora: The Art of Blackness Exhibition

"The Diaspora Exhibition was created to allow for a meeting of the minds between African American artists and design professionals. The exhibit's goal is to provide these artist with both an avenue of expression and an introduction to potential patrons and resources. Invited artists are encouraged to utilize their medium of choice (graphic design, photography, painting, etc) to depict their interpretation of the black experience in America."

What: Diaspora "The Art of Blackness" Exhibition
When: Friday, Feb 22nd, 2013

Where: NYCH/Robotic Minds Gallery 643 W. 18th St.
Time: 7-10 PM
Cost: FREE 99 (RSVP by clicking HERE)

The event will be curated by LaShun F. Tines and Phillip Scott, with Dj Kwest_on providing the sounds.

Phillip Scott
Caliph Rasoul
James Nelson
Lonnie Garner  
Darno Demby  
Brian Golden 
Rashayla Marie Brown  
Keith Purvis  
Roger Carter 
Chevonne Woodard  
Ashley Mckinley  
David Anthony 
Thomas Williams

Feb 19, 2013

@kmichelle: Refreshingly Candid

It's actually refreshing to see an artist be candid, yet pulled together in an interview. I didn't watch K. Michelle on Love and Hip Hop ATL, but I actually love her vibe in this interview... plus I've heard her songs and she can blow! I respect talent and anyone that can be candid about their mistakes and progress moving forward. Plus she praised God for his blessings and how it was hard to do a show like LAHH Atlanta while God was blessing her. Can't praise God for something on Sunday, then say "fuck this bitch" on Monday lol...

Feb 14, 2013

The Tequila Tales: Adventures of Love & Lust

RSVP by Clicking Here
It's Valentine's Day all all across the world people are scrambling like chickens sans their heads to grab flowers, chocolate, and anything that might make their significant other feel special. How special? Well, more special than they felt yesterday lol, I suppose.

If you're looking for something outside the box to do today, The Tequila Tales presents Adventures of Love and Lust - - a monthly candid conversation about relationships. The topic for the night: Does SIZE matter?

"Going beyond the obvious, how significant is “size” or quantity in a relationship? Is the size of man’s bank account important to a lasting union? Does the size of a woman’s ego affect her ability to attract and hold the love she desires? These questions and several others will be open and candidly discussed."
The event will be held at Red Kiva in the West Loop and starts at 6p, with the discussion beginning at 7p. Admission is free - - just bring an open mind, good energy, and conversation! You can reserve your spot by sending an RSVP to RSVP@TheTequilaTales.com.

What: The Tequila Tales - Adventures of Love and Lust
When: 2/14/13 - 6p - 9p
Where: Red Kiva 1108 West Randolph, Chicago
Cost: Free 99

Feb 13, 2013

Senegalese Twists in Chicago part II

Guess what? The Senegalese Twists are back in effect and I couldn't be happier. I've grown completely tired of doing my hair and this is the perfect remedy to get me through the rest of winter. I've actually been debating rocking the twists until Summer, but who knows. I'm sure I'll be craving some fresh highlights once the heat kicks in.

I went to Nana again (blogged about it here) and she was absolutely wonderful! To top things off, she made some delicious lamb curry which made my stomach smile.

Above is a quick video review of my twists. I'll try to update along the way with on-going posts to show how they wear. Last summer I got my twists the same time I was training for my scuba diving certification, so the constant swimming, chlorine, etc got the best of my hair.

I also want to thank everyone that has visited my site on their search for the best Senegalese Twists in Chicago! It's actually the top link for my page which is pretty cool, and Nana has been amazingly thankful for the exposure. It's awesome to come across people that are not only talented, but have such a pure heart. She rocks.

Feb 6, 2013

Feb 1, 2013

Time is Running Out

It's a Muse type of night...

Break the Corporate Shackles

This year I'm challenging myself to dedicate more time investing in myself, not just working hard to grow in my 9 to 5. What are you doing to break the corporate shackles in 2013?

Read Quote of 10 Reasons Why You Have to Quit Your Job This Year on Quora

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