Feb 25, 2013

'Gratitude' the @PoshLifeEvents Way

Saturday afternoon I made my way to The Grid for the Posh Entertainment "Gratitude" day party.

DJ Jay iLLa
As a way of saying thanks and showing their gratitude for all of the support, Posh nixed the cover so it was Free 99 all day. As we all know, anything that's free has the potential to bring out the goons, but Posh has managed to cultivate a nice crowd over the past year. Thus, while it was packed tight inside The Grid, it was crammed with the creme de la cream of young, black professionals.

As always, DJ Jay iLLa delighted on the 1s and 2s and I was pleased with the level of service The Grid staff provided. River North spots can be hit or miss with their treatment of minorities, and let's be honest.. they're usually wack, so it's always refreshing to get a nice level of service, as anyone should receive.

As the spring inches its way closer and closer, I think Posh will remain their tight hold on the day party scene. Their events always have the right mix of music, scenery, and organization... but they tend to draw a slightly uptight, stuffy crowd. The 'Gratitude' party gave me hope that everyone is taking strides towards loosening up a bit and having more fun.

I'll definitely be at the next event. 

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