Oct 24, 2016

Trap Kitchen Seattle Pop-Up Dinner on 11/18 #TrapKitchenPopUp

What happens when two former gang members take their business acumen for hustling and leave the street life behind? Trap Kitchen!

The brainchild of Malachi 'Spank' Jenkins and Roberto 'News' Smith, Trap Kitchen features a daily "chef's choice" menu chocked full of soulful favorites like fried chicken and waffles, king crab jambalaya, and shrimp mac n cheese has quickly become Compton's culinary bae.

What excites me most about what Spank and News are doing with Trap Kitchen isn't necessarily the food, but proving to the world that you can successfully leave the street life behind and find a legit, profitable and enriching way to make money. They used the resources available to them  and carved out their own lane to make a booming business!

This is both a polarizing and historic time to be a black person in America, especially a black man. I love the idea of these two black men, who were former rival gang members, coming together and creating a real-life, relatable example of what it is to be a successful people of color in this country! We are not the sum of our poor decisions and you can always turn your life around for the better.

Trap Kitchen will be blessing Seattle with their delicious eats on Friday, November 18th @ 7p in the 1927 Event Space in Belltown (on 3rd Ave. between Virginia and Stewart). This is Trap Kitchen's first pop-up in the Pacific Northwest, so I'd encourage you to snag your tickets before they're sold out.

Tickets are $65 and 100% of the proceeds are being donated to the Black Prisoners' Caucus T.E.A.C.H. Program. Not only do you get to enjoy a night of delicious food and entertainment, but you get to help a great cause! Click here to purchase your tickets.

For more information on Trap Kitchen visit the official Facebook event page.

Photos: @TheRealTrapKitchen Instagram
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