Jul 9, 2014

How-To: Caring for a Curly Sew-in (Using Indique BOUNCE Coil Curl Hair)

I've been rocking my Indique BOUNCE Coil Curl sew-in for the past 3 weeks and I'm head over heels in love. This hair is so amazing... it's actually amazeballs! I remember my girlfriend Kacey telling me that she couldn't wait until I retired the word "amazeballs" lol... but I had to pull it back out of the crates for the sake of truly capturing the awesomeness of this hair.

Caring for the hair has been very easy and I wanted to share my tools and tips with everyone in case you're wondering what's necessary to keep your Indique coils curled up.

Below is a quick video sharing my top tips, styling tools, and opinions on the overall quality of the hair. Enjoy!

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