Jul 9, 2014

How-To: Caring for a Curly Sew-in (Using Indique BOUNCE Coil Curl Hair)

I've been rocking my Indique BOUNCE Coil Curl sew-in for the past 3 weeks and I'm head over heels in love. This hair is so amazing... it's actually amazeballs! I remember my girlfriend Kacey telling me that she couldn't wait until I retired the word "amazeballs" lol... but I had to pull it back out of the crates for the sake of truly capturing the awesomeness of this hair.

Caring for the hair has been very easy and I wanted to share my tools and tips with everyone in case you're wondering what's necessary to keep your Indique coils curled up.

Below is a quick video sharing my top tips, styling tools, and opinions on the overall quality of the hair. Enjoy!


HeatherRoebuck said...

It looks so natural

Tam B. said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with your hair!! It looks AMAZING. Do you mind divulging who your stylist is??? I live in the Chicago area and am having the darnedest time finding someone who can do a great job on a curly sew-in.......just like yours.

Ishea said...

Tam - My girlfriend who was my go-to stylist for sew-in weaves actually moved to Cali. I have a friend who has been happy with another stylist, so I can get that information and follow-up with you. What's your email or Twitter handle?

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