Jul 28, 2014


Have you ever taken the perfect picture that magically captures the essence of everyone involved? We took this picture yesterday after an amazing brunch at Palisade (best high end brunch ever), which was the culmination of an amazing weekend full of friends, food, love and good times! It's awesome to look around and despite any negative things being thrown your way still be capable of feeling blessed. All of us were brought to Seattle for different reasons, but I feel so very fortunate to have met these people and call them friends.

On another note, I'm convinced our picture looks just like a cast photo, so I'm seriously debating pitching my ideas to a network.


Lontier Hicks said...

haha you're right. it does look like a cast photo of a sitcom.

Shea said...

It really does look like a cast photo! Everyone looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture! I'm just checking out your blog. (I'm late. LOL)Check mine out sometime!
-Carla Brown

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