Jul 25, 2014


I had the pleasure of meeting Meechy Monroe, Chicago-based hair blogger and one half of the "Monroe Sisters" back in 2011 when we both worked a Beautiful Textures event in Chicago. I remember being struck not only by her beauty, but her warm, friendly spirit. She was gracious, humble, and personable. Reading about her fight with cancer last night struck a nerve with me and made me want to help spread the word and offer support to her family.

Life is SO incredibly short and with each passing day it becomes clear that it's also extremely random. Bad things happen to good people and there's sometimes no explanation as to why. It's heartbreaking any time someone has to experience struggles, but when you see a healthy, young person thrown a curve ball like cancer it leaves you scratching your head.

MsVaughn, Meechy's Sister, is heading up the #GetWellMeechy fundraising campaign to help raise money to help with medical bills and other expenses related to the health and recovery of her sister, Meechy Monroe. If you'd like to donate please click here.

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