Jul 9, 2014

Lesson 14: Fear of Flying

I don't know exactly where my flying anxiety came from, but I woke up one day and realized that I didn't actually know the pilots, what their lives were about, or their qualifications. I mean, I trusted that the airlines weren't employing complete morons, but I guess as I got older I realized that I was really putting my life in the hands of a stranger. Maybe I just had more to live for? Possibly my control freak ways? I did read online that most people with anxiety during flight had control issues.

During our stint in corporate housing, I had the best view of Lake Union and the beautiful seaplanes. Like clockwork the planes would take off and land daily, whisking adventurous spirits off to the sky above. I longed to take a ride on a seaplane, but had no clue how to address my anxiety with flying. This wouldn't just be a plane, but a small ass plane (6 seats) on water! Jesus be a life vest.

For my birthday my bf surprised me with a scenic seaplane tour of Seattle! The moment we pulled into the parking lot my anxiety started kicking it. I immediately shut down and withdrew into myself. I knew that I was about to face a huge fear and didn't need to have an external meltdown, but inside I was losing my shit lol... and in all honesty I'm sure I looked like a deer in headlights.

Fast forward about 20 mins later and I had enjoyed my first water take-off and landing, scenic tour of beautiful Seattle, and fear of flying in a tiny ass plane! Y'all... it was definitely an experience and felt so freeing. It made me realize how silly fear can truly be.

As I sat there in that small ass 6 seater plane, fully capable of reaching out and molly whopping my captain in the back of the head, I stopped to truly embrace the beauty of being up in the air, living in the moment, and not scared. It was an awesome experience... and though the first bit of turbulence truly made me disoriented for about 3 seconds lol, it passed and I was back to enjoying the view.

All of this is to say don't allow fear to hold you back from accomplishing something you've wanted to do. Don't be afraid to give things a try and live in the moment!

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