Oct 16, 2008

Vodka Snob

This term was recently introduced to me by a friend who proudly proclaimed himself a "vodka snob" and touted that he only drank Stoli Elit. After a little coercion, I ordered myself the ultra premium "vodka snob" vodka of choice...a little while later and I was staring at the bottom of my martini glass. I had been transformed. I crossed over to the dark side - - the snob side! Please understand, I am not a fan of martinis. After a few bad experiences with apple martinis I swore off all martinis of any kind. After tasting the smoothness that is Stoli Elit I started doing a little research. This vodka is well-known and though pricey, worth the money. If the average cost of a premium vodka martini (i.e. Grey Goose) costs you around $13...expect that a Stoli Elit martini (ultra premium) may run you closer to $20-$25. If a bottle is what you're craving, expect to shell out $65-$75. If you're looking to get wasted on the cheap, this is not your vodka. If your goal is to sit in a swank locale and sip on something that's truly remarkable this is for you!

A little history on Stoli Elit:

The first "ultra-premium" vodka to be imported to the States, Stoli Elit is refined via a patented freeze-filtration process that's basically a high-tech update of traditional methods: Russian proles once poured vodka into wooden barrels and stuck them outdoors in the frigid winter. This caused the contents to freeze, with only the purest vodka remaining liquid at its center. That part is known as the "alpha," and is what's used for Elit.

This vodka was featured on the Men's Style website and was not only on their Top 10 list of Vodkas...but also landed itself as an Editor's pick!
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