Oct 22, 2008

Single Ladies: Put a ring on it

It only took 3 days for "Single Ladies (put a ring on it)", Beyonce's new song, to grow on me! When the video hit I was in awe...her ability to captivate in black and white with only a leotard and 2 other dancers...it was amazing! I loved the choreography and like many others found myself pausing the youtube video to try and learn a few steps. I stumbled across this video of a guy doing the steps and was floored by his precision, showmanship, enthusiasm and fierceness. His movements are so fluid...he's giving tons of chicks out there a run for their money!

***UPDATE*** After receiving a brilliant suggestion from a girlfriend, I've put up the original "Single Ladies (put a ring on it)" video from Beyonce! You can compare the two and really see how on point this guy is!

2 snaps for the kid!!!


Ms. Citygrl said...

Ok, he was FABULOUS!!!! 2 SNAPS FOR SURE!!! You should play them side by side, lol. On another note lets hope this marriage last, because i wonder what her song would be if it doesn't.

Nola.Divine said...

WOW!! He killed it! (and I'm so jealous I can't move like that...ha!)

IntrospectiveGoddess said...

Yeah homeboy worked it and I watched a girl try and do it, he was much better,

South Loop Social Light said...

This dance has everyone polishing off their dancing shoes and trying to replicate it! It's definitely hot though...so don't be surprised if I'm out there doing it! lol.

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