Oct 22, 2008

Single Ladies: Put a ring on it

It only took 3 days for "Single Ladies (put a ring on it)", Beyonce's new song, to grow on me! When the video hit I was in awe...her ability to captivate in black and white with only a leotard and 2 other dancers...it was amazing! I loved the choreography and like many others found myself pausing the youtube video to try and learn a few steps. I stumbled across this video of a guy doing the steps and was floored by his precision, showmanship, enthusiasm and fierceness. His movements are so fluid...he's giving tons of chicks out there a run for their money!

***UPDATE*** After receiving a brilliant suggestion from a girlfriend, I've put up the original "Single Ladies (put a ring on it)" video from Beyonce! You can compare the two and really see how on point this guy is!

2 snaps for the kid!!!

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