Sep 28, 2008

Dirty Dining Report: Leona's on Taylor St.

I'm a fan of Chicago based restaurant, Leonas. I think that the food is great, the portions are huge and the service is typically phenomenal! Today was defintitely a major let down in all areas. Since this is the first time I've been let down with the food after YEARS of eating there, I won't hold it against them...however, I will post what I thought to be a disgusting, despicable version of a salad.

The lettuce was not only wilted, but even the peppers had rot marks. It was just a big disappointment....All of those dark green marks are not supposed to be there...the tell-tale signs of not so fresh lettuce. To make my speculations more of a reality, the server told me, apologetically of course, that she thought my salad may have been left over from the previous night...gross! Moral of the story, Sunday doesn't seem to be a good day to hit up Leonas. The food is less than fresh and you're better going on a Friday or Saturday night!

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