Sep 11, 2008

Adventures on the CTA

I love the CTA. It's like having a personal chauffeur. A bus pass is your golden ticket to the city - - you're able to go anywhere! Everyday I take the bus and am bombarded by various sights and sounds...sometimes smells lol...and I try my best to capture these precious moments...these are my adventures on the CTA.

Short People: I'm short and love seeing fellow petite comrades on the bus...especially seeing someone's feet....dangle!

Missing your bus: There's nothing worse than seeing your bus coming...and then GOING as you realize that even if you broke into an olympic worthy sprint, you'd never make it!

Nighttime Rides: There's a welcoming peace and tranquility when taking the bus after 9p. There are actual seats, typically there isn't some hood ass girl on her cell phone talking about everyone that has pissed her off right behind well as the lack of commuters taking up valuable space with their bags, books, and sometimes

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