Sep 28, 2008

Oh, what a night!

Many people have their own opinion on the entire R. Kelly drama...we all know the story...have seen the tape...whatever. I, for one, have maintained my stance that I don't want to judge him and have separated his personal life from his musical genius.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a party at the king of R & B's house and regardless of how you feel about him, it must be said that he knows how to show people a good, make that GREAT time! First off, it was like fort knox outside his crib. I've never seen so many security, etc...not to mention the confidentiality paperwork you have to sign...of which I must admit I didn't, I'll refrain from giving too many details of the night or showing any pictures...Hell, I may have signed my life away or agreed to have my first child produce an'm not really sure! The night was fantastic and I'd urge anyone and everyone to go to one of his parties...kinda like the Chicago, urban version of the Playboy Mansion: Think pool, flowing drinks, scantily clad women, great music, good food...

R. Kelly also played some music off his upcoming album, 12 Play 4th quarter, due out this fall.

The noteworthy guests in attendance included Carl Thomas, Kelly Jay (better known as "beautiful" from FOL), obviously Mr. Kelly himself (looking quite scrumptious as he made his rounds around his house) and others.
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