Sep 24, 2008

Bad Customer Service: Part 2

I thought I was being polite by taking the high road and sending a professional email scrutinizing his lack of professionalism, etc...and then he went and replied to my email with this:

Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 12:26:35 -0700

From: (removed email) .

Subject: Re: West Loop Condo

Right. All it would have taken was a simple phone call or
email. Bye now!

I followed up with another nice, albeit strained, email:

To:(removed email)

Subject: RE: West Loop Condo

Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 13:22:43 -0700

Your level of immaturity and extreme unprofessionalism is beyond me. In a market that's not stable, you'd imagine that your level of customer service would be at an all time high...especially given that the nature of your business relies on the relationships that you create, nurture, and maintain. However, you've seemed to miss that. As a word of encouragement, you really should try to adjust your attitude. Try venting to your friends before a client. I do not care to hear or read your emotionally fueled rants and raves. Moving forward, please do not contact me anymore.

However, I am still unhappy with the level of service I received so I also sent an email to the developers that hired his company (T-Rock Enterprises, Inc) to handle all aspects of leasing for their company, I took it upon myself to find his myspace page and encourage everyone to take a look. Just like you want to research the company you do business with, it's not bad to research the agent as well.

To throw a little humor at this situation, as my friend Curtis said, "do not do any kind of transaction with a company called T-Rock unless it's a drug deal or something with music production..." lol...

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