Sep 4, 2008

Almost Famous: Meet LaRicia

Sooner than later she'll be taking over the screens of your tv, pages of your favorite magazine or hosting the event you just have to attend! Introducing the entertainment diva in the making, LaRicia!

Name: LaRicia

Age: 24

Height: 5’7"

Weight: 160

Measurements: 34-30-42

Hometown: Chicago

9 to 5 gig: GCU,
pays the bills

What you really want to do: Be a publicist in the entertainment industry and working on a TV show.

Worst Date: When I went on a date to play miniature golf and the guy looked at me and asked me if I had it, like this guy was a grown ass man. Then he asked me if I would buy him something to eat. I was 17 and I won’t mention how old he was.

Favorite drink: Patron aka Freakum Dink or Red wine.

If you could tell 5 celebs to kick rocks, who and why?

1.Ashanti, this is my girl and I have always supported her but I was very disappointed with this new cd. Like, I hope she honestly didn’t think that it was banging because it was not it at all. Let’s get your game together honey!!!

2. Brian from Day 26, uhmmm how about you suck it up and learn those dance moves and not talk back to Laurie Ann “Boom Kat Kat”, get it together because you are not fine!

3.Angela Simmons, this is also another one of my girls but BABY please EAT. Being stick skinny is not a good look for her.

4. Luke, ok I feel your TV show but you need to just calm down and retire out of the rap game because that Rodeo song is not the business. I mean you had your time to shine, PLEASE STOP!

5. President Bush, dude it’s over just kick rocks or how about you crawl under a rock and never come out again.

Beauty Secret: Lots of rest and drink plenty of water and your inner glow will come naturally.

Guilty Pleasure: eating Breyers mint chocolate chip ice cream

Alter Ego: Hmmmm I would say her name is Jade and she can be a real bitch if you cross her, or she can be a real FREAK if you treat her right, lol. I only see her when I’ve had three or more Freakum drinks though, she’s too wild, so I don’t let her out much.

Words of Wisdom: “The choices you make determine the life you lead, so make it work”

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