Sep 24, 2008

Bad Customer Service

This morning I saw in my email box a rude, unprofessional and emotionally driven email from a leasing agent that worked with my boyfriend and I a few weeks ago. Not only was this guy not fully informed on the units he was showing us, but he had no idea the sale price nor the info needed for a lease/purchase. Basically, all he could do was open the door and describe what we could already see with our own eyes. Anyways, he sent me not 1, but 2 emails (in the same minute) and I thought I'd share with the world how unprofessional people can be:

Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2008 20:35:57 -0700 From: (removed email) To:
(removed email) Subject: Re: West Loop Condo

I deal with people wasting my time every day, but at least have the courtesy to tell me you have decided against it.

Kris On Tue, Sep 23, 2008 at 8:35 PM, Kris Mitchell (removed email)
wrote: Ishea, it would have been great if you guys could at least have told me you had decided against it. I spent my time and effort to work for you guys, and you can't at least call and say you have decided against it?

I don't do well with people, especially - - REAL ESTATE/LEASING AGENTS trying to vent to me about how their time was wasted, etc. To be frank, if you're a real estate agent your job is to show properties to people...that's what you do. Every showing doesn't result in a sale. Not to mention that this was the FIRST message (email/text/phone call included) that I received from the agent since he had last heard from me. No kind follow-up or checking in with you type of email...just straight to the "you've wasted my time" rant...So, here was my response:

To: (removed email) Subject: RE: West Loop CondoDate: Wed, 24 Sep
2008 06:50:14 -0700

Being in the real estate profession I am sure you're used to the nature of the business: you show properties, hope to hear back from people, and eventually make a sale/close. So that you're aware, my boyfriend and I have been looking at numerous properties as well as going about our regular work schedule, etc. We did discuss the units on Wayman that you showed us, however in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, replying to your email was lost in the shuffle.

I am not only surprised by your extreme level of unprofessionalism, but taken aback by your rudeness. The courteous thing would have been to send a follow-up email, inquiring if we were still in talks about the property or had found another. We did like the units, however after this blatantly disrespectful email we will not be doing business with you or your company, T-Rock Enterprise Inc.

Customer service is the foundation for the real estate industry and I think that you need a refresher course. You mentioned that your company was a young one, only having been around since November 2007...and with people like you representing it I can't imagine that it'd last much longer.

In the future, before you send a potential client a relationship damaging email, why not force yourself to take a few breaths and vent to your friends, because sending not 1, but 2 rude, unprofessional and overly emotional emails is not the way to build up your clientele.

I am not thoroughly experienced with the company, T-Rock Enterprises, Inc...but I do know that the agent that represented them and showed the units was a let down.

For anyone choosing to do business with this company, as they did have some nice properties, please DO NOT USE this agent:

Kris Mitchell - Leasing Agent
T-Rock enterprises Inc.

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